What does the song “Pentatonix – White Winter Hymnal” mean?

What does the song “Pentatonix - White Winter Hymnal” mean? songs

Winter is the time for nature to sleep. Everything around is covered with a white layer of snow, and the air becomes cold. People begin to share not those who see the cold darkness, while others see the brilliance of the fallen sun, the crunch of snow under their feet. “White Winter Hymnal” is a song that presents winter as a mystical phenomenon. It is considered by many to be one of the most popular Christmas songs. “White Winter Hymnal” is a song that has been used by numerous bands. After all, it is impossible to sing a good song, especially one that is associated with the holiday. Moreover, at the same time, it carries a certain mystical charge.

One of the bands that performed the song “White Winter Hymnal” was Pentatonix.

“Pentatonix” is an a cappello group that works in a variety of musical directions. A significant part of the work of this group is the performance of cover versions of various popular songs. One of which is “White Winter Hymnal” by the folk group “Fleet Foxes”.

It is worth noting here that the words “White Winter Hymnal” do not have an unambiguous interpretation. It can be argued that the author, with the words of this song, creates a certain mystical flair for a winter adventure. The main action of the song takes place around a group of people who, wrapped in coats, with red scarves, moved through the snow. The performer followed them, like a teacher, to save them from falling into the snow.

Some critics in “White Winter Hymnal” see a hint of coming of age. It is this transition from one stage of life to another that contains a large number of joys and difficulties. However, they are an important component of the coming of age of each person.

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It can be argued that there is some nostalgia for youth or even childhood in the song. In the context of the song, those walking in the snow are represented by us as children. After all, only children come to mind if you mention those who play in the snow in red scarves. In general, adults get a charge of positive and a little touch of sadness by watching children, especially if they are walking in the snow. After all, it is like sadness for the past time. From the time when you were among the same children, but now you have become an adult and just watch them. You have no opportunity to join them. You are an observer and that is sad.

“White Winter Hymnal” is something like a Christmas carol, but the content can be attributed to a vision or a dream. This song shows the nature of growing up and the childhood that was left behind.

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In the text of “White Winter Hymnal” there is Michael, or Michael, which is the same name. It is he who is the image that directly speaks of the end of childhood. Childhood, red scarves and Michael, whom the performer sees. Mike falls and leaves red spots on the snow, like strawberries in summer. Children walking in red scarves in winter, red spots on the snow, like part of summer. The performer looks at childhood, but already knows that there is already summer somewhere. It is the presence of some trauma in Michael that confirms the sad component of this Christmas tune.

It is worth noting that some critics do not attribute this composition to Christmas at all. They claim that the lyrics of the song do not really match the musical accompaniment.

“White Winter Hymnal” is a bit sad, but at the same time positive song. Christmas motifs, which are joyful, intersect with sad motifs that describe the growing up of the performer. There is a certain note of bitterness in the song.

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The song can be listened to both in the Fleet Foxes original and in the Pentatonix rehash. Pentatonix completely conveyed and embellished a little with their performance of “White Winter Hymnal”. The motive of the song remained the same, but the entourage of the performance was made with a bias towards a sad song about growing up. Under this song you can not indulge in sparkling joy. The holiday is here with a touch of sadness. So to speak. Muted joy. When you can still enjoy the holiday, but you can hardly imagine joining a group of people having fun.

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