What does the song “Pixies – Where Is My Mind” mean?

What does the song “Pixies - Where Is My Mind” mean? songs

The song Where is my mind is popular among fans, and many dreamed of finding out what the deep meaning of the words of the musical composition is. Pixies is a famous band from the USA that performs compositions in the style of indie rock. The song was written by Black Francis, who claims the lyrics came to mind while he was diving on a Caribbean island. A small fish followed him, and he tried to find out what was in this creature’s head. The song became most popular after it was included in the soundtrack to the film Fight Club.

The history of the song

Many people became interested in the group itself and its work, many fans listened to this song regularly. They tried to discern what its meaning was. It was thanks to the film that the song aroused great interest, and many were interested in its deep message, because the film itself is full of various references. The Pixies song was released in 1988, it is able to penetrate the soul of any listener, due to the fact that the music is quite melodic and the meaning of the lyrics is quite mysterious.

If we look specifically at the lyrics of the song, the first line has an ambiguous meaning. It simply describes the person leaning back, but it also says that the person feels some nervousness. The hero is trying to make his condition different, to look at life from a different angle, here is a reference to the fact that the world may not be our world at all.

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The final phrase of the song Where is my mind refers to falling in love, says that it is worth turning our whole life upside down, that we cannot control our thoughts and feelings. It is love that is responsible for this factor, and we understand that we are on the other side of the development of events. Not everyone can control their emotions, not everyone can control the course of their events. Everyone can change their perception of this or that reality, they can make sure that the most significant events do not delay such deep impressions of our lives. In the song Where is my mind, the author poses a problem, asks where the mind is, why it lives, but the main thing is that an ordinary sea fish is tormented by the same question.

The meaning of the song

The author of Where is my mind, as it were, conducts an allegory and shows us that even a small fish thinks about the topic of why it lives and what is the meaning of its existence. If a person is a thinker, then he will definitely reflect, he will be interested in why his life is developing this way. If even a fish is able to think about his life, then any adult is obliged to do this, because this is an opportunity to become a real person. It may seem to everyone that what is happening around you is not what is happening inside you. Every person, after thinking carefully about existence, will be able to understand what to do in order to achieve success in life and will become happy.

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Everyone chooses something for happiness, saves people, helps homeless animals, someone teaches children. Life is too short to spend it thoughtlessly, this moment runs through the entire song. You can’t just be a fish without brains, you need to think and benefit society. Every person should have a moment when he wonders what his purpose is, what he should do in life. The song calls for an analysis of your existence; it is important to understand why you live and how life works in general.

Any person should think about his goals as early as possible and decide in which direction it is best to move. The song contains a deep idea, so everyone should think about its content, should study all the concepts. There must come a point in a person’s life when he can do better for himself. Thus, you can claim that you can live a fulfilling life.

The meaning of the song tells us that it is important to think about why we live in this life; it is the author of the song who is trying to understand what awaits him in the future life, to guess what he is doing wrong. The song is popular and raises philosophical questions, just like the entire movie Fight Club. The world we live in may not be the way we imagine it in our minds, and it may also not be the way we feel it. It is important to understand and feel this, you must know that you should think about what is happening in this world, and only the person himself decides to believe it or not, because he is the creator of his life.

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