What does the song “Queencard – (G)I-dle” mean?


Each song is the music of our soul, which the author has arranged into words and wrapped in notes. A song can touch the souls of a few people, or it can make millions of people around the world sing. It all depends on how much our soul strings have been touched. There are songs that try to make us better, call us to something useful and sublime.

The South Korean band (G)I-DEL, which performed the song “Queencard”, belongs to the fashionable trend of key-pop. This South Korean band is currently five years old, and many of their songs are popular both in and outside of South Korea.

The song “Queencard” is the first track on the mini album “I Feel,” released in May 2023. Being an overcoming of the earlier song “Allergy,” “Queencard” shares a common theme and sound with the previous song. It’s worth noting that it builds on the success of the band’s previous projects here with the addition of rock elements and trendy glitz.

Here it should be said that (G)I-DEL’s songs “Allergy” and “Queencard” are quite interesting phenomena based on the fact that they appeared in South Korea. After all, this country is marked by a high level of striving for perfection. A peculiar obsession to change one’s appearance in order to form an ideal appearance directly penetrates the whole society from the bottom to the top.

Soyoung, one of the performers of the group, composed and prepared the arrangement of the song, aiming to create an atmosphere of comedy, trying to return to the format of musical dramas.

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The release of the music video marked the first place in the list of YouTube trends and has already surpassed the bar of more than 130 million views in a month.

Some of the cartoonishness of the song’s music video hinders its perception. Many also note the close correlation with the catchy “Tomboy” by the same band. Only the first minute is completely original, but then again follows a return to an already well-known project.

However, despite this, the song was a commercial success.

The meaning of the song Queencard – (G)I-dle

The content of the song cannot be considered without the earlier song “Allergy”. In this song, the protagonist doubts her appearance, which translates into a constant comparison of herself to other girls. As a consequence, in order to look like all the surrounding “popular” beauties, she decides to have plastic surgery. The main character of “Allergy” does not like herself. She considers herself ugly, which translates into a lack of attention to her figure and appearance. It is as if she is asking to be loved so that she realizes her importance regardless of her appearance.

In “Queencard” we sort of see a continuation. Here the protagonist begins to enter the operating room, but even before the operation begins she realizes that she does not need the operation. In the rest of the clip, the whole band with their behavior refers us to the famous comedy. At the end of the clip, the protagonist realizes that real beauty is not in appearance, but in self-confidence.

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The song has a significant lyrical message. Everything revolves around the main character, who begins to accept her external qualities in their original version. The realization comes that only self-confidence allows one to become beautiful, not the plastic surgeries performed.

Some of the lyrical message is set by the fact that the format of the performance is quite light, compared to the band’s earlier works. The song encourages you to accept yourself without surgery, as you are in real life. The main thing is the inner content, not the appearance. “Queencard” shows through its content and visuals that by loving ourselves, we become confident, beautiful and lovable. By showing your uniqueness, you make those around you see it for what it really is.

We can say that this song is a kind of anthem for those who want to remain themselves in the age of the popularity of social media, plastic surgery and a huge number of ways to change their appearance.

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The lyrics of the song even use a special character, which in Korean culture means a strong woman in her skin. The periodic repetition of it encourages the listener to become more confident.

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