What does the song “SALES – Pope is a rockstar” mean?

What does the song “SALES - Pope is a rockstar” mean? songs

The Sales group did not manage to become famous for a long time. They released their song “Pope is a rockstar” back in 2016 and it didn’t get much attention. However, after the launch of the Tik Tok trend “Go liitle rockstar”, the group was noticed. Because of this trend, many people have a false understanding of what the song is about in their heads, and in the article we will look at the true meaning of the lyrics.

History behind SALES – Pope is a rockstar

You should start right with the name, which is mistakenly called “Go liitle rockstar” due to the trend. However, in reality it sounds like “Pope is a rockstar” and already carries a powerful meaning. According to the Urban Dictionary, “The Pope is a superstar” refers to “false representations that we create about people in our minds, distorting them in accordance with our desires.” And so, only thanks to the name, we can understand that it will most likely be about a person who has created an ideal image of his friend or lover in his head and who, most likely, will gradually see how this ideal picture collapses.

The meaning of the song SALES – Pope is a rockstar

Generally speaking, the song is about two lovers. The girl in this relationship has long understood that their relationship should end: we will analyze the reasons a little later – but the guy continues to cling to them and cannot let go of his beloved.

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The plot looms over their last date. The girl comes to the guy. She begins to give arguments why they should leave. The song contains the lines: “We can wait forever for the world to change for the better / We can wait forever for the best rate.” Most likely, they would have continued with the union “but” and arguments why you should not wait, but the guy suddenly decides to “talk out”. The heroine is clearly surprised by this. She allows her partner to say something, but apparently she is not happy with what she hears, and their whole calm conversation turns into a quarrel (“We can always quarrel”).

The lyrical heroine is about to leave, but her partner stops her and offers to have sex. She refuses at first (“No, I don’t want to. It won’t happen”), but he apparently continues to insist, and in the next verse there are lines: “You take off your clothes / Getting ready for the last battle.”

Perhaps it is at this moment, when the guy persuades the lyrical heroine to have sex, that her ideal image of him collapses. There is also an assumption that similar situations have happened before, but the girl turned a blind eye to this because she was in love. If this thought is correct, then it is precisely because of the frequent inclinations towards sex that the lyrical heroine realizes that the relationship can no longer continue.

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However, it is also impossible to deny that there were no such situations in their relationship before, and the girl simply fell out of love with her partner. She, most likely, had long tried to leave and destroy their connection, but did not dare. The guy did not pay attention to this, and only at the moment of the last meeting he realized that this was the end. He decides to “speak out”, perhaps justify himself and keep the girl to himself, but nothing comes of it. The guy realized too late that something was wrong between him and his lover.

It can also be assumed that partners have different ideas about relationships, because of which they could start conflicts and quarrels. In the end, tired of all these “emotional swings”, the heroine decides to leave.

In general, the text contains many understatements and broken phrases that should have completed the heroine’s thought. This is both “we can let go, bend over”, and “we can wait forever”, followed by “but”. However, instead of him, there is always a line that the guy wants to “talk out”. A picture immediately arises in my head of how one partner, feeling that the following words will not bring him anything good, constantly interrupts the other.

And, in the end, realizing that it is pointless to talk, having sex for the last time, the girl just leaves and says: “You know why I’m leaving.” The song ends with the hope of the lyrical heroine that she will not cry and try to return, as she apparently did in previous times. The ending remains open, because the double repetition of the word “I hope” can indicate both that the girl is much more determined than before, and that she is simply trying to lie to herself, while knowing full well that she will return.

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