What does the song “Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars” mean?

What does the song “Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars” mean? songs

Alternative rock and indie rock are the main areas in which the group “Snow Patrol” works. The beginning of the group’s work was not the most positive. The first two unsuccessful albums did not stop them in their work. The consequence of this was their subsequent fame. Many musical compositions of the group are ours to their fans all over the world. The group began to present their first compositions at student parties.

In 2003, they released the album Final Straw, which went platinum four times. This album was the first significant success of the group. One of the hits included in the subsequent album “Eyes Open” was the composition “Chasing Cars”. Already subsequent albums of the group went to the world level and received world fame. Three compositions of the Snow Patrol group became world hits.

The composition “Chasing Cars” is the best rock song (Grammy) and the best British single, according to various awards. In addition to these awards, the composition is marked by the fact that it has become the best-selling composition of the group. The song was on the lists of various charts. The song’s absolute record was 166 days in the UK top 100.

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The backstory of the song is such that it appeared in a sober state after drinking white wine in the garden of the producer of the song.

A constantly growing crescendo in a simple melody, diluted with occasional guitars, accompanies the lyrics of the love song. The Snow Patrol vocalist notes that “Chasing Cars” is the purest love song of all the songs he has written.

The name “Chasing Cars”, that is, “Chasing cars” came from his father, who compares the process of infatuation with a girl with an attempt to catch up with a car. The car is an object that is difficult to reach, and once reached, it is impossible to understand.

It can be argued that this is a song about a man who wants to spend time with a specific woman. The woman here is likened to a machine for a man. After all, everyone knows a gentle and exclusive attitude to their property.

A simple song with its emotional load is a unifying composition. This open love song connects artist and listener.

In the song, the performer asks himself about finding strength for a relationship with a partner. Let there be external pressure and difficulties, but you need to find the strength in yourself in order to continue the relationship. The outside world is not a place that can prevent us from being happy.

The performer brings up the theme of abandoning the expectations that the world around him places on him. I want to create my own world, my own unique life. If you look closely, the attempt to create your own world is some sort of escape from the outside world. This desire to isolate oneself from the outside world and its demands is necessary in order to fully surrender to the relationship. Here, the flight from the world has the goal not to run away from the problems of the world, but to close in relationships so that they are not subjected to external influence.

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Summarizing the entire lyrics of the song, we can say that it is about two people who remain faithful, despite external pressure. The trials that meet a couple on their way cannot make them betray the relationship. They remain loyal and devoted no matter what. The beauty of a partner is a reminder of how to find him. Partners can do everything themselves, they do not need anyone or anything for this. These are the words that the song begins with. Your partner’s eyes reflect everything that you were and that you are wallowing in.

It is with the words about lying down and staying together, forgetting about everything in the world, that the composition ends. These words are often repeated as a verse by the performer.

“Chasing Cars” along with interesting content is a composition that has been consistently sold and listened to over the years. In 2009, this composition was declared the song of the decade in the UK, and subsequently the 21st century on British radio. A catchy ballad that does not have sharp jerks. The lyrical motives of love lyrics, addressed in relations between partners, will not leave you aside. The song is worth listening to.

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