What does the song “Something in the Way – Nirvana” mean?

What does the song “Something in the Way - Nirvana” mean? songs

Music accompanies people everywhere. Someone listens to it while they are traveling, at a party, or just doing their home routine, but someone sees secret meanings in music and is completely immersed in the creative world. People find answers to questions or even encouragement from their favorite artist or band in their lyrics. So, in the memory and hearts of millions, the rock band Nirvana remained, distinguished by a mixture of heavy music and gentle melody with deep lyrics.


In 1987, the well-known American rock band Nirvana appeared on the initiative of vocalist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington. The guys met in high school, but did not like each other at first. But according to all the laws of the genre, interests bring people together. As happened with talented schoolchildren at the rehearsal of The Melvins. Later, the duo was supplemented by drummers who changed frequently. Most remembered Dave Thunder. At their concerts, rockers with an ironic, tender name smashed equipment in order to quickly leave the concert and impress the fans.

The group is distinguished by its genres: punk rock, alternative rock and grunge. Of course, quite specific styles, but there were a lot of fans, as well as critics. But the band’s songs were never indifferent, because they went down in the history of rock. What is no less surprising, the peak of the expansion of the fan base came at the time of the death of the frontman and the collapse of the group. Their songs continue to be listened to around the world for more than 20 years.

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The creator of hits (music and lyrics) is considered to be the leader Kurt, but the modest musician claims that other members of the group made a significant contribution to the creation of melodies. Many are interested in the mysterious song “Something on the way.” Moment “X” – the launch of the album “Nevermind”. It presented the most famous songs of the musicians, among them was the hit we were interested in. The song from the album stands out for its melodic and quiet sound. There are many theories about how this masterpiece was born. But even the most popular is in doubt. Root was a real bully and a romantic. One day he was expelled from school, and then from home. Young Cobain was forced to live by the Wishka River under a bridge in his home state of Washington. The song was born there and talked about the homeless of that area.

According to the documentary that was released in honor of the aforementioned album, the hit “Something in the Way” was recorded on a twelve-string guitar in a burst of inspiration with Cobain singing in a whisper. From here came a unique performance, so extraordinary for heavy rock music. Root lay on his back with a guitar in the studio while one of the gang members, Vig, turned off the buzzing tech, muted the background, and boosted the mic to keep from losing and capturing a new song. The vocalist’s whispering caused a lot of problems later, because there was no click track. The words sounded very quiet and in places were completely incomprehensible.

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But talent is talent. In the process of overlaying melody and text, the whole meaning was restored. Despite the fact that the song was not so bright against the background of other songs on the album, it became legendary. It was used in the movie “Batman” and vividly conveyed the scene with Robert Pattinson in the title role. The film’s director even included this song in the first trailer, and it’s no coincidence. According to him, Cobain’s voice is organically intertwined with the voice and fate of Batman. The song gained a second wind and brought a considerable fee, which during the life of the vocalist were not the most important. He was charged with the music world and loved his fans.


The name itself is translated almost involuntarily by two adjacent interpretations: “Something on the way” and “Obstacle on the way”. It is not difficult to guess that the song is about a difficult fate and great experiences and trials. Yes, even in the lives of famous and rich personalities there were difficulties that they had to cope with. As a child, Kurt had many quarrels and scandals. All this led to the divorce of the parents. They continued to live and start new families, where there was no place for a common son. In his interviews, he said that he did not feel loved and suffered a lot from this, and one day his mother said: “Either get used to it or leave.” The boy did not think for a long time and left.

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The song has composition. The first verse is a description of life outside the native walls under a single roof – a cracked bridge. He acquires a different environment – animals and fish that have no feelings. The structure of the song is cyclical and repeatedly repeated. This also makes sense. In life, there cannot be only a white streak: something comes and something goes. By listening to the song, the fans find responses and their own meanings in the songs. Perhaps, for everyone it is different, because it is associated with its own problems. One thing is clear that Kurt Cobain helped many to survive the difficulties with his song, where he shared his feelings, literally whispering to the listeners, thereby encouraging them to calm down and accept problems in order to solve them after that.

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