What does the song “Stromae – papaoutai” mean?

What does the song “Stromae - papaoutai” mean? songs

Singer Stromae released another hit song Papaoutai, the meaning of which worries many people. This song became very quickly popular, but many are curious to understand the meaning of the words. Stromae is a Belgian musician who performs songs in French. The hit, alor he dans quickly conquered the charts in European countries, the singer loudly announced himself.

The song touches upon the main problem of modern society – the presence of the father in the life of a child. The singer tells about his father, who died in 1994, the boy was brought up only by his mother. In the lyrics of the composition he reflects on how good it would be if his father was with him. The song hit the airwaves in 2013 and became a hit in many countries in Europe. Many people immediately thought that this is just a funny song, but in it are hidden personal experiences of the singer.

A little boy wondered a series of questions, and he could not ask his father. The song reflects his grief, his childhood experiences. It shows that children often hide their emotions from other people, life proves to be very difficult. The song and the video are full of symbols, the boy asks his father where he has disappeared to, why there is no support from him, why he cannot play with his father like other children.

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Every child’s life should have a real father who will teach his child all the important things in life. It is difficult to become a good father, no one teaches it, it requires a lot of effort. Men are much more difficult to find a common language with their children, you have to specifically learn, look for approaches. No one knows how to become a loving father, how to give your child everything he needs.

Men are responsible for the maintenance of the child, and for his upbringing, but not everyone understands this. Many leave upbringing only to moms, especially important for boys, who always need their father’s support and advice. They should see by the example of their father how to further develop their personal relationships. Not always a man is physically able to help bring up children, because his main task is to maintain and provide for the family. Earning money often takes up all of a man’s time, but only a real dad will always find time for his child, always give him the right advice, always help in difficult situations.

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The main message of the song is that the child should grow up in a full-fledged healthy family. Today, many fathers very quickly abandon their children, if the relationship with the mother does not work out, they immediately leave the family and forget about the child. The child all his life can not realize why his father abandoned him, why they are not interested in him.

Often children grow up with a whole load of psychological trauma, because they believe that it is their fault that the family broke up. In an incomplete family mom can not give everything to the child and even if the father provides financial support, the mother has all the responsibility for household problems, and for education, and for education, and for the development of the child. A father should always be present in the life of his child and show how important love, mutual understanding is. People should support each other.

If a daughter grows up in the family, she should see what a man can be like and how to properly find a man who will create a family together with her. If she doesn’t have an example of what an ideal family should be like. It is important that the family is healthy, without quarrels and misunderstandings. The foundation for future life should be laid from childhood. In his song, the singer raises all these topics. He worries that there are no rules according to which the father should be present in the life of the child. However, it is his love and care that is important, he should make sure that the child never feels unwanted.

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It seems to us that it is only in early childhood that a child needs parents, but this is not true. Often children seek out bad companies, get involved with the wrong people just because they get little support at home, they are not understood, they are not interested. Many try to just feed the child, to follow his studies, but is not interested in his moral state, his interests, do not know anything about the child. This imposes its own problematic situations, and children simply get lost in a wide choice of different friends and often choose the wrong approach to life.

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