What does the song “Sugar Ray – Every Morning” mean?

What does the song “Sugar Ray - Every Morning” mean? songs

The Sugar Ray group has a long history before their modern name. The original name, overlapping with the name of one toy, had to be changed due to the threat of persecution from the copyright holder. As a result of some reflections, the name became consonant with the name of one boxer, who was admired by some members of the group. “Sugar Ray” at the beginning of their activities, the group worked in the style of funk metal. However, the lack of meaningful results led to the search for his own style. The result of this search creativity was the emergence of various incendiary rhythms for summer motifs. Groove hip-hop, sunshine pop and reggae elements made it possible to create a carefree atmosphere in the musical composition, both in the text and in the musical part of the song. It was this lightness that allowed the group not to disappear, like many one-day groups.

“Every Morning” refers to the songs that appeared on the group’s album titled “14.59”. A subtle hint through the title that “15 minutes of fame” has not yet been achieved by the group. It should be noted here that of all the compositions presented in the album, it was “Every Morning” that became the most famous song of this group for the entire period of their work. The fame of the composition “Every Morning” led to the fact that the disc with it received the status of a platinum disc. It is worth noting that after its release, the song occupied various places in the charts. And in some of the first places for quite a long time.

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Let’s turn directly to the content of the song “Every Morning” as a text composition. In the song, one can detect the internal conflict of the performer that is shown. There is conflict over him succumbing to the temptation of a fleeting connection, but decides to keep the current relationship. This choice is very difficult for the performer.

In the text of the composition, the performer expresses a feeling of devotion to his constant partner, with whom he has a long-term love relationship. However, there are also reflections on the difficult decisions he makes due to some actions on both sides. It is difficult decisions and their adoption that can be seen in all the verses of the song. The halo from the four posts of the girl’s bed is also a symbol of a difficult situation. The symbol is also a halo that hangs on the corner of the girlfriend’s bed. Every morning the performer begins with pain, but he asks his girlfriend to close the door. A difficult situation is also shown by the words of choice between “one-day” and “weekend”. He knows it’s not his, but he can’t believe she’s going to deceive him.

As a result of all the long deliberations, the performer decides to remain faithful to his girlfriend. After all, this girl always corrects various mistakes for him. Changing a girl for temporary pleasure is not worth it.

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One of the verses mentions the broken heart of the performer, which was left open and, as a result, it was torn out. Despite the general motif of the composition, there is a slight hint that there is some kind of problem in the relationship. The text of the song is sprinkled with appeals to the girl with various requests. Decision-making can be called the main motive of the song. The right decisions in the context of maintaining a relationship with a permanent girlfriend. The struggle to make the right decisions in the name of love seems to be more important than temporary pleasure. One cannot but agree with this, as stated by the performer in various verses, using various words and rhythms.

The positive composition “Every Morning” from “Sugar Ray” is a light and incendiary song. There is no need to think about the complexities of life or universal problems. This song paints ordinary human problems. Everything that worries a variety of people. This is what determines the popularity and attractiveness of “Every Morning” from other compositions. Let her draw attention to the fact that it is necessary to maintain relationships, and not indulge in a fleeting feeling. One should not expect epic upheavals or revelations from the composition, but every listener will have a positive attitude.

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