What does the song “Walker Hayes – Fancy Like” mean?

What does the song “Walker Hayes - Fancy Like” mean? songs

The development of modern information technologies has led to the rapid development of various services and networks. TikTok and other video services have caused the effect of viral content. For several years now, you can see this effect in the mass distribution of a particular composition. Dance rhythms are used as background content or framing actions performed in the frame. Our song “Fancy Like” was one of those viral themes. The peak of its active use in a variety of places came in 2021.

“Fancy Like” was written by Walker Hayes, who performs his compositions in a country style. To date, this composition has been marked by hitting the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching number 3 in it. Third place for any song in this chart is a high achievement. It also won the Billboard Music Award for Best Country Song.

Before the appearance of this composition, the singer was not very famous. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant processes brought him to fame. Millions of people, and the performer among them, were forced to close their homes and somehow waste their free time. Many were doing useless things, while Hayes, along with his daughter, decided to do dance numbers. Having at that time a sufficient number of musical compositions, he decided to create dance accompaniment for these songs. The wide adoption of the TikTok app gave them a great opportunity to share their creativity with other people at no cost.

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Laid out composition that is called “shot”. The video file was viewed by a huge number of people who put almost half a billion likes. “Fancy Like” is interesting in that this composition allowed the return to the menu of one of the mass chains in America, a milkshake with ice cream and cookies, which were removed from the menu due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is this composition dedicated to? This composition is dedicated to the joys that simple things give people. The performer talks about going to a fast food cafe. An evening date with your soulmate in simple places allows them to become happy, despite the fact that this is a fairly simple place and has a modest environment.

There is an idea here that you don’t have to be rich to be happy. Happiness does not require the obligatory presence of wealth. You can make your happiness out of simple things. After dinner was over, they returned home with the girl. Here he shared Dixieland with her.

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The meaning of all songs is that simple pleasures and insignificant moments of life for a person can be more important than a bunch of expensive and catchy things. The time and money spent on acquiring these things can, if used properly, be the key to real happiness.

The performer speaks ironically enough about people. Those people who have significant claims, but at the same time cannot enjoy an ordinary dinner at a chain restaurant. Whereas for his wife and him this is a special occasion. Caring too much about trying to be unique keeps you from being happy.

It can be argued that the song is a kind of anthem, a call to enjoy the simple things in life that may be considered low class by others. The author does not need to look for a place with a high level, since he, living in a simple environment, has enough simple food to feel positive emotions.

It is worth noting that this irony and the call to be simple was influenced by the pandemic, which showed many people in isolation how simple things can make you happy. The time spent within the walls of the house revealed the true value of these simple things. Being at home, you begin to think more about your family, communicating with them every day and every hour. A unique situation has arisen when, instead of several hours of communication, you receive dozens of these hours in isolation, sometimes even within one day.

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The author in his memoirs indicates that being at home made him think about the family, which led to the writing of “Fancy Like”. Indeed, from the very beginning of their acquaintance, going to dinner at a chain restaurant has become a certain tradition for them. For many non-upper-class working people, a similar hike is an event. Given the number of children in the author’s family (six), even such a network place requires a lot of money.

What can be said. A surprisingly simple and positive composition, in which the life of the author himself and the thoughts that he seeks to express to people are closely intertwined. The author seeks to tell about himself with the words of this song. The style and words used were well received by the listeners.

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