What does the song “Wireless – Within Temptation” mean?

What does the song “Wireless - Within Temptation” mean? songs

A song is a complex piece of work that is demanding. We must distinguish between the text of the song and the visuals that accompany it. In this case, you and I will see the contradiction that is created by listening to a song.

Before we begin to consider the meaning of the song, let us note the performers. The Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation have a long history of creativity in the field of symphonic rock. Critics note the complexity of their musical compositions and decent vocal data of the performers. The band’s various albums have different creative approaches. Some albums become more commercial, while others take quite unusual approaches. It seems that the band is in constant search and tries different approaches to their creativity.

However, back directly to our song. Wireless is a difficult work for perception because of its internal content. Here it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the piece of music itself, both the lyrics with a specific musical accompaniment and the music video developed by a third-party company.

It is difficult to say what reasons led to this composition. There are no hints as to what led the author to form this particular content. Most likely, this composition is the result of a long accumulation of some external influence on the author. The negative perception of war as an unseemly act, accumulated in the author. The surrounding reality of Europe, imbued with the war and the people who suffered from it, was embodied in the composition.

Wireless is not only difficult enough, but also hard enough for the listener. According to the performer, it is a song about the fate of a soldier who has passed a difficult path.

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It should be noted here that it describes the most common situation that occurs. The soldier, going off to war, represents a man who is fully convinced of the necessity of this action. The first verse speaks of this as the ultimate sacrifice. He is like a god rolling the dice, but is then left unconnected.

Then the gradual change in the soldier’s personality begins. The first chorus speaks of how he begins to question the necessity of this action.

The first chant after the verse draws attention to the fact that he wears a stigma. The author compares him to Cain, who is known to have killed his brother. The message here is most likely that all people, regardless of nation and state, are brothers.

The text then begins to introduce the notion of a certain abandonment of the soldier who has been forgotten. Left without care and his dreams began to fade away. The realization comes that it was not him that was cared for, but the areola that was created.

After this comes the oft-repeated refrain of his bloody halo. It is after this that it is sung that they are like mice in a maze. There is no turning away from the path laid down. We are moths flying into the fire, going to the bottom. We know this, but we continue on our difficult path.

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At the end of the composition, the author hopes to turn it over, to wake it up. Wakes up those who are just watching him as well.

It should be noted that this composition does not have a clear reference to a soldier who has gone to war. To any particular war. Only the words of the performer give us some message and ideas about it. Although, if you step back from her words, you can find parallels to many things going on in our complicated lives.

The music video that appears after a while should also be mentioned here. The clip itself is notable in that it is a subject made to please the current agenda. This is evidenced by both the “made with neural networks” and the visual content itself. The stated “showing all the soldiers of the world” on the visuals is completely obscured by the “Slavic motifs”. The eye can only clearly distinguish the graphic elements combined with the former post-Soviet space, as well as the modern allies of the Russian Federation. Whereas all other actors slip through unnoticed, or are executed in an unfortunate manner that does not allow us to see the details. As a result, we see a clear image of a soldier coming to war in another territory, which takes place in a European agenda.

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It is worth noting that the visuals are diluted with fantastic motifs of warfare. Certain moments, such as the warrior bound in chains or surrounded by children looking on, are successful and merge with the lyrics of the song as a whole.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the musical composition in its textual and musical content is executed at a decent level. The symphony of metal will sound straight out of your speakers. However, if you are a true connoisseur of metal, then the visual component should be completely closed for you. A certain “hype” of the clip, an attempt to fit into the “narrative” will turn many people away from the creativity of this band.

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