Best movies with hidden meanings 2023

Best movies with hidden meanings 2023 top

The Top 10 Best Movies with Meaning includes only new releases of the world box office 2023. The films on this list are sure not to disappoint you. Fascinating stories will force you to follow what is happening on the screen and give food for thought. Vivid acting from movie stars and young talents just earning their popularity will make you believe in the reality of what is happening.

“65”The best films of 2023 with meaning

This fantasy adventure drama tells us the story of pilot Mills, who is happily married to the lovely Alia and raises his daughter Naveen. The family lives on the planet Somaris, which is very similar to Earth in its characteristics, alone in a completely different distant galaxy. But one day, the little girl is diagnosed with a strange ailment that drains all of her strength. The girl fades before her eyes. To obtain the necessary funds for treatment, Mills agrees to take charge of a space mission. It will take her two years, but it will help her earn enough money. But this expedition ends in disaster. The ship controlled by Mills crashes. Of the crew in hypersleep, no one survives except the protagonist himself and the young Koa. They realize that they are on a certain planet, which is inhabited not only by dinosaurs, but also by many other prehistoric creatures.

“The Ledge”The best films of 2023 with meaning

A gripping thriller about two extreme climbers, Sophia and Kelly, who are willing to go on crazy risky climbs just to make another video and share that footage with people just as crazy as they are. This time they decided to conquer another peak. The difficulty is that the slopes of the mountain are covered with dense trees, where under the crowns, which do not let even a ray of light, are inhabited by predators. During the ascent, the girls encounter criminals. They do not plan to leave the unwilling witnesses alive and massacre Sophie. Kelly manages to escape. But there is no stopping. She is already being hunted. And to try to survive, she will have to hide in the thick woods, which will also be a terrible challenge for her.

MarloweThe best films of 2023 with meaning

Fans of good detective stories should definitely watch this new film, which will tell the intriguing investigations of private detective Philip Marlowe. The action takes place in Los Angeles in the late thirties of the twentieth century. Another visitor comes into the detective’s office. This time it is a spectacular blonde woman. She introduces herself and informs him of her problem. Claire Cavendish need to find her boyfriend, who suddenly disappeared two weeks ago. Marlowe investigates and learns that the young man was hit by a car and died at the scene of the accident and his corpse was cremated. After giving this information to a client, the detective gets an unexpected reaction. It turns out that Claire had seen the missing man just the day before, and he was alive and unharmed. Now it is necessary to find out who was run over near the nightclub, and who was seen in the passing car Miss Cavendish.

“The Pope’s Exorcist”The best films of 2023 with meaning

This film is interesting because it tells the story of a real person. Gabriel Amorth was a priest in Italy and was considered the chief exorcist in the Vatican. During his long years of service to the Lord, he conducted several thousand exorcisms, about which he wrote many works. The film begins with a mother and her two children arriving at an abandoned Spanish abbey. They plan to restore inherited the building and sell it profitably. But as soon as the repairs begin, unexplainable things begin to happen. Something possesses the boy and demands to see only Amort. He immediately arrives on the spot and engages in a real fight with the diabolical entity acting through the child. Along the way, the priest will have to delve into history and touch the mysteries of the past, which will unexpectedly reveal not the most pleasant moments from the history of the Vatican.

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“M3GAN”The best films of 2023 with meaning

The future has already arrived. Now, to make your baby happy, he doesn’t need to buy a mountain of stuffed toys. It is enough to buy a new doll, which is absolutely indistinguishable from a real live baby. M3GAN is the newest doll-friend, which embodied the most unique modern developments. You will never be bored with this doll, because you can play with it, talk and have fun. She can be taught many actions. M3GAN, if necessary, can stand up to defend its little owner. This project was invented and brought to life by the inventor Gemma. And when her family was in grief, and she was left in the care of her little niece, she decided to improve the doll, to make it easier to take care of an orphan Cady. However, what she thought was a good idea had dire consequences.

“The Pale Blue Eye”The best films of 2023 with meaning

The film is set in New York State at the very beginning of the nineteenth century. The protagonist Augustus Landor used to serve in the police force, but has now retreated from official business and makes a living as a private detective. His life can hardly be called happy. His wife passed away a long time ago. And his daughter, whom he raised himself and loved so much, one day just left without a word to her father. Now his favorite pastime was drinking and intimate conversations with the waiters. But one day he is approached by the head of a nearby institution for future military personnel. The provost of West Point tells of a gruesome crime. Someone had taken the life of one of the cadets. But it wasn’t a simple murder. The strangled boy was hung from a tree, cut open like an animal carcass, and his heart cut out.

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Once again we see proof that the past is bound to catch up with those who want so badly to forget about it. Colton Briggs, the film’s protagonist, had been killing people for years, and he got good money for it. But when he has a beloved wife and adored daughter, he decides to radically change everything. The life style of a brutal mercenary, he changes into the routine of an ordinary city dweller. But the events of the past will not give him a quiet existence. His son decides to take revenge for his father killed by Briggs. His victim is Colton’s wife. The hero has no choice but to arm himself again and destroy everyone who stands in his way. This time he will not be alone. Along with his father, the participant of the bloody vendetta will be his little girl Brooke.


The twisted plot of the thriller will tell the story of New Yorkers whose lives are very different in many ways. But they are all united by the struggle for money and power, revealing their secrets and motives in the course of the narrative. Thus, the owner of a small bookstore, Tom could hardly imagine that a meeting with the charming Sandy, who once dropped in on him, would lead to such consequences. He liked her at once, and very soon they began to meet, not thinking of life without each other. But this romantic idyll lasted until Sandy was approached by her brother and asked to lend him a rather large sum of money. The girl takes the money from Tom to save her brother from the danger hanging over him and then disappears without a trace… And in the next moment we see the development of events through the eyes of Sandy herself.

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“The Son”The best films of 2023 with meaning

The problem of fathers and children is as old as the world. And this drama once again raises the question of the relationship of the closest people. The main character Peter has achieved a lot in life. He is a successful lawyer with a good fortune. But it is not his rule to stop there. Now he wants to change the field of activity and try his hand at politics. But doing his career, he completely forgot about his family. And this led to a divorce. Leaving his wife and son, he soon met a younger companion and married her. He now had a new family and another child. His eldest son was just coming of age when he needed his father’s support. Not having it, the boy closes in on himself, drops out of school. Upon learning of the situation, Peter realizes that he is to blame, so he agrees to let his son live with him.

“Tetris”The best films of 2023 with meaning

This movie is as fascinating as the game Tetris, which was created in the Soviet Union. In the late 1980s, American Hank Rogers attends an international electronics trade show, presenting his game project. But his work does not draw as much attention as something on display at the USSR booth. People stare mesmerized at the game, where multicolored geometric blocks descend on the field, joining in lines. Rogers is also impressed, but with his cold mind, he knows there’s not a second to lose – this game is the bomb and he must have it by all means. He faces a stubborn struggle with a large number of rivals, whose goal is also to possess the novelty developed by a Soviet programmer.

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