In what episode does Naruto fight Pain?

In what episode does Naruto fight Pain? What episode

Payne’s attack is one of the story’s arcs in Part II. This arc describes Pain’s attack on Konohagakure in order to find Naruto Uzumaki. The arc covers volumes 45-48, or more specifically covers chapters 413 to 453 of the manga and episodes 152 to 169, as well as episodes 172 to 175 of the Naruto anime.

Naruto vs Pain

Upon learning of Pain’s attack, the Myōbokuzan toads prepare a counterattack led by Naruto. Shima back-summons Naruto, Fukasaku, Gamabunta, Gamaken, Gamahiro, and Gamakichi to the ruined Konoha, where they immediately engage in combat with the newly summoned after the restoration of Pain Rikudo. Naruto calls Gamakichi to him to take Tsunade to safety and she doesn’t interfere. Tsunade asks Naruto to take Katsuya with him as she can tell him about Pain . Naruto asks Tsunade what’s wrong with Kakashi, but she remains silent. The battle begins. Chikushodo summons a rhinoceros, which is much larger than Naruto. He rushes towards Naruto, but Naruto activates hermit mode and intercepts the rhinoceros horn. After swinging it around him, Naruto throws it into the air for several miles. Chikushodo again uses Kuchiyose no Jutsu and summons a bull and a dog . Naruto provides them to Fukasaku and Shima, who use Senpo: Kawazu Naki . Naruto summons two Kage Bunshin, each of which creates one Rasengan in both hands of the real Naruto.

This is how Senpo is formed : Odama Rasengan , with which he defeats both summons. All three animals are in the air and three toads jump up to them. Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamasushi draw their swords and begin to fight. Meanwhile, Naruto attacks Pain’s bodies and plans to use Kawazu Kumite , which hits Gakido. The toads fight the summons of Chikushodo.

Using the Futon: Rasen Shuriken , Naruto hits Ningendo and then finishes off the Rasenrengan Chikushodo, which Shima immersed in genjutsu. An exhausted Naruto uses his scroll and re-enters Sage Mode, defeating Jigokudo, but is nevertheless captured by Gakido and Tendō, the remaining bodies. Gakido turns into a toad statue due to Senchakra, but Naruto is pinned to the ground by Tendō, about to end the fight.

At this time, Nara Shikamaru, having found the Yamanaka group with Shizune’s body, concludes that Pain’s real body is located somewhere near the village, and those who are fighting here are pawns. Hinata enters the fray in an attempt to free Naruto. With her words – a declaration of love – she pierces hope in his soul, which grew into all-consuming anger after her death. After Pain seriously injured Hinata, Naruto loses control of himself, which entails the release of the Nine-Tails’ chakra. Naruto develops four tails and attacks Tendo. Naruto soon grows two more tails and attacks Pain with powerful and sustained attacks. Right during the battle, Shodai Hokage’s necklaceactivates his power and attempts to contain the Kyuubi by sealing the fox’s chakra back, but the Nine-Tails was able to suppress the seal and break the seal while continuing to continuously attack Pain. Tendo is forced to retreat, but realizing his position, he uses Chibaku Tensei . The technique pulls all objects to one point in the sky, including Naruto, who is blocked by rocks. At the same time, Yamato senses that the Kyuubi is out of control again and aborts his mission to capture Kabuto in order to return to Konoha as soon as possible.

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Naruto already has eight tails and looks like a full skinned Kyuubi . In his subconscious, Naruto agrees to open the cage with the nine-tailed fox out of desperation and desperation, but at this time, the Yondaime Hokage appears and stops him.

Minato reveals that the seal was set up so that once Naruto had an eighth tail, it would appear in his subconscious to renew it. Turning to Kyuubi , he says that he never wanted to see him again. Happy Minato, says that despite his son’s life, he has grown into a great shinobi and rejoices to see him. Naruto learns that Pain , in turn, obeys the masked man who attacked Konoha sixteen years ago. Naruto forgives his father for sealing the Kyuubi in him. Naruto comes to his senses the next moment.

Tendō wonders how Naruto managed to control the Kyuubi and subdue him. At this time, Nagato starts coughing up blood. Konan begins to seriously worry about him, but Nagato asks her to be quiet. Suddenly, a giant ball starts to fall apart en stones that fall on the rest of the village. Naruto, meanwhile, notices that due to his transformation into the Kyuubi, his chakra flow has been disrupted. The Kage Bunshin he placed at the waterfall no longer accumulate Senjutsu Chakra. Thus, he is going to use the remainder of the Chakra Senjutsu left in him to defeat Pain. Meanwhile, the stone ball is completely shattered by the rest of Konoha. Naruto and Tendo were unharmed.

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Tendō wonders how Naruto managed to re-enter hermit mode. In the next moment, a miniature of Katsuyu crawls out of Naruto’s collar . Tendo, meanwhile, says that he was ready to face the power of the Kyuubi, but he did not expect Naruto to survive the Chibaku Tensei. Naruto looks to the side and notices a giant cloud of dust, which he recognizes as the remains of Konoha and immediately questions why they are so far away from the village. Katsuyu tells Naruto about his transformation into the Kyuubi, after which he immediately remembers Hinata . He asks her what happened to Hinata and the rest of the villagers, to which Katsuyu replies that Hinata is fine and the rest of the villagers will be fine as well, causing Naruto to cry in relief.

Katsuyu asks Naruto what he meant by saying that he has an idea. Naruto ignores this question and patiently waits for the Tendō to attack. Tendō runs towards Naruto trying to stab him with his Kokushin. Naruto however dodges the blow and knocks Tendō back with a powerful kick. He then sticks a kuroibo into his shoulder . Now naruto begins to feel the chakra of a person who is controlled from a distance by Pain’s bodies. He finds him in the forest, in a huge tree, which also contains Conan. Because of this, Naruto will know Nagato’s whereabouts. In the next moment, he pulls Kokushin from his shoulder and throws him to the ground. He then seals the seal and creates two Kage Bunshin.

They then all together create a Rasen Shuriken and throw several smoke bombs on the ground . In the next moment, a Rasen Shuriken flies out of the smoke and heads towards Tendo. Tendō believes that he has figured out Naruto’s plan and is using the Shinra Tensei . After the Rasen Shuriken dissolves, another appears in its shadow, surprising Tendo. Naruto remembers the five second break and waits for the result.

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Pain manages to deflect Naruto’s first Rasen Shuriken, but another emerges from his shadow. After that, two Kage Bunshin Naruto attacked him from the left and right, but Pain immediately destroyed both with the help of Kokushin, thereby pushing Tendou off the ground and evading the Rasen Shuriken. Tendo thinks that Naruto has missed several times already. However, rocks start to crack around him, and it is revealed that they were the Kage Bunshin.

Shouting, they charge at Tendō, but he spreads his arms and prepares to use the Shinra Tensei again. After a one second time limit, Tendō uses Shinra Tensei. The number of clones starts to decrease, however, despite the technique’s longer duration than usual, the remaining Kage Bunshin protect the real Naruto. Pain increases his attack power and invites Naruto to surrender peacefully. Tendo is slightly surprised by Naruto’s tenacity and endurance and kneels down.

Naruto himself, with the help of the Kage Bunshin, forms Chakra in his hand and turns it into a Rasengan . Naruto has much more time to attack, as Pain used the Shinra Tensei for too long. Tendo again begins to bide his time. The range between them is large enough that Naruto fears not being able to reach him in time. However, two Kage Bunshin throw Naruto towards the Tendō. Time is running out, but Naruto manages to reach Tendo’s body, after which he hits him with the Rasengan in the abdomen.

In what episode does Naruto fight Pain?  The very beginning, as Payne (s) flew into the village and began to hammer it, is the “160 series” Battle of Naruto and Pain from the end of series 162 (Naruto appeared in the last seconds of the series), and mochilovo itself from series 163 … end of the fight in the middle of episode 169! Then 2 episodes (170 and 171) are fillers! And from episode 173 to the middle of episode 175, the Real Payne tells his tragic story and finally dies in the end!

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