In what episode does Serkan find out about his daughter – Knock on my door

In what episode does Serkan find out about his daughter - Knock on my door What episode

The series Knock at My Door was filmed in Turkey and tells about the modern realities of Istanbul. Many have been waiting for the release of new episodes to find out the course of certain events, many have been waiting for the development of the storyline. There are many questions, every fan has. Many wonder in which series Serkan will find out about his daughter.

Why is the series popular

The fact is that the series develops events on the background of a certain storyline, there are many characters, but it is the line of Serkan and Edda is the main one. This series has a lot of fans, because teenagers were very interested in watching how the events of their favorite couple develop. Every girl, deep down, dreams of meeting her rich lover. A rich businessman can fall in love with her and make her life completely unclouded.

The series shows us that not everything is easy in the life of rich people, there are nuances and problems. As you know, the couple starts their relationship with the purpose of just pretending to be lovers. This is because Serkan needs to show that he has a sweetheart. But in fact, everything happens completely spontaneously and unexpectedly, with various secrets being revealed here.

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When Serkan finds out about his daughter.

The series has collected almost all the plots of soap operas. There are memory loss, breakups, tragic situations, and children out of wedlock. For example, Serkan learns about his daughter at a certain point. In episode 42, he learns that Kiraz is his daughter. Edda decides to tell about the child, the fact is that she hid this fact from Serkan and informed him that the child is his. In episode 42, she decides to tell him because she thinks he should know. Also, the relationship between them began to get better as Serkan got his memory back.

When they got along with each other, Edda decided that he should be the one to find out that he is the girl’s father after all. This series has long been popular, with many watching it closely and noticing a variety of events. Many people follow what happens inside the series and try to realize all the events that take place within the storyline. The fact is that many people are concerned about how events and relationships will unfold and therefore are interested in various topics and issues.

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In general, the series is distinguished by the fact that the shooting is quite simple, understandable to everyone, here are events that involve various emotional swings, here is a strange construction of the storyline, so many adults do not really understand the popularity of this series. However, many people are also attracted by the fact that the roles are performed by ordinary people, not professional actors. Thus, the game seems more natural and gives more positive emotions. The teenagers watched with trepidation as events unfolded, and it was they who were waiting for Serkan to learn the truth.

At first his memory came back to him, he remembered his sweetheart, and a serious relationship began to develop between them, but then he learned that he had a daughter. This pleased all the fans of the series, because they actually formed a great family, where everyone is friends with each other, where everyone is equal. The development of beautiful feelings is an important point. In any case, this series is an opportunity to dive into a special world, all the events take place in Istanbul, where the business life of Turkey boils, where modern realities of this country are shown.

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