In what episode does Serkan remember Eda – You Knock on My Door

What episode

The series Knock on my door has long been relevant. Many people find different interesting moments for themselves, teenagers like a romantic story, some adults are interested to look at modern life in Turkey. Many people like to follow the construction of relationships between people, that is, there are many options to love this series.

What the series is about

Many also note that the series is too primitive and suitable only for teenagers, it tells a true love story, but in fact, many note too simple plot for the perception. Many adults prefer the Turkish series about the harem, the sultans, the children just like the modern Istanbul. All the events of the series take place in Istanbul, a couple meet here, they work in the same office building, and suddenly enter into a dubious relationship. They decide to only pretend to be a couple, but their scheme goes beyond what was intended when the young people actually fall in love with each other. A series of events ensues, a breakup, people provoke each other, while hiding their relationship.

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The events that take place in the lives of the main characters are too incomprehensible, as are the storylines of the secondary characters. Everything here is too exaggerated, the relationships between people are far from real. For example, girlfriends are always ready to help in spite of their work, there are other moments that are rarely seen in real life.

As for memory loss, this is a very frequent element for any soap opera, which is designed for a long period of time. Among soap operas, losing one’s memory is a very popular theme. In a show like Santa Barbara, many people had amnesia, this plot allows the audience to keep their attention. Everyone wonders if the hero will remember this or that loved one.

In what series did Serkan’s memory return

Turkish filmmakers also used these elements in the 40-episode series. The fact is that Serkan gets in a plane crash, while in the Bulat family disasters happen regularly. For example, the son died in a car accident, and Serkan got amnesia after the plane crash. Many had dreamed that the pair of lovers would finally get back together. But the memory came back to Serkan in episode 35, that was the day a fictitious wedding was scheduled between this Eda and Deliz, with Eda being the one who thought that the marriage was only fictitious, in fact the groom only told this to the girl, himself wanting to make the marriage completely legal and real. This event also made an impression on Serkan himself, to whom the memory suddenly returned.

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The series is interesting because the roles are played by ordinary, unknown actors, they are really students, so their acting is quite primitive, but at the same time some moments here are completely heartfelt and filmed with dignity on the screen. For example, Eda constantly tried to remind Serkan of herself, but she gave up because she could not succeed and let things slide.

The relationship between the couple developed strangely, but when they were already in a relationship, Serkan suddenly loses his memory in an accident. Occasionally some events would flicker in his mind, but he wouldn’t remember anything. When he begins to tell the story of his most memorable date, however, then the audience has already realized that his memory has come back to him and he remembers what they had bonded over. Everyone was very upset when Serkn forgot how much he loved his Edda. It was clear from the script that the memory would come back to him sooner or later, to give development to the relationship of such a wonderful couple.

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