In what episode will Leonidas see Leo – Clone

In what episode will Leonidas see Leo - Clone What episode

Murillo Benicio, Giovanna Antonelli, Vera Fisher… Many of us probably have the music from the opening intro of the Clone series in our heads right now, when we heard it, we rushed to the TV set.

In its time, the Brazilian TV series Clone burst onto Russian TV screens like a tornado. The series became a phenomenon that turned our idea of the mysterious and enchanting East upside down. “Clone” became a part of our hearts and became so firmly entrenched in our lives that to this day our apartments are inhabited by mustachio-tailed Jadis, Lucas, Saeeds and Khadija.

The main intrigue of the series was undoubtedly the “unmasking” of the mad scientist Albieri, who created a clone named Leo. The scientist did not clone himself, as you might think. He wanted to create a copy of his dead godson, Diegue Ferras. But Albieri could not find Diégu’s biomaterial, so he decided to clone Diégu’s twin brother, Lucas. Twins are twins. From the face they are the same, but that’s okay. And the fact that Lucas and Diegue’s backgrounds are completely different, Albieri didn’t take into account. As, by the way, he did not take into account the fact that one day the “creation of his hands” will grow up and become an independent adult.

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While the clone named Leo was a child, Albieri successfully manipulated and cunning, hiding the boy from those who knew Lucas and Diega as children. But when Leo turned eighteen, hiding him became impossible. And how can you hide a grown-up boy who is two heads taller than you? In episode 99 we see the grown-up Leo for the first time. That’s where it gets interesting. While Albieri’s imagination paints him with all the colors of his friends, relatives and loved ones, making the scientist blush and pale, the audience eagerly awaits Leo’s meeting with someone from the Ferras family. Especially since all the characters “walk the same paths,” which means they will meet sooner or later.

The audience waited every episode for Leonidas Ferras to find his dead son again, for whom he had been grieving for twenty long years. Or rather, not a son, but his clone, his likeness. But who cares? Everyone was wondering what this meeting would be like.

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To be fair, the long-awaited meeting, and with it the exposure of the brilliant Dr. Albieri, could have happened much earlier, but each time his majesty of chance intervened.

But from fate (and even more so from the irrepressible imagination of the writers), as you know, you can not escape. And then one day, Leo shows up at the Ferras family home in all his glory. Of course, the tears and lamentations start right away with the theme “Our Diegue is back!”. Responsible for this heart-breaking component is Dalva, the Ferras family housekeeper who used to babysit Lucas and Diegue and took the death of the latter very hard, because Diegue was her favorite. What is Leonidas doing in the meantime? While Dalva is whimpering and wiping away her tears in the background, Leonidas (aka Lionheart) is staring at the “resurrected son” with all his eyes.

There are tears in Leonidas’ blue eyes, and the look reads all the pain and all the disbelief of the world. One can see that the older man is eager to believe in the miracle called “the risen son. He expectantly sees Leo as Diegue. And then the jokester-memory suddenly decides to plant in the dumbfounded man’s memory of a fatal quarrel with Diegu, after which he died. Then the funeral. And at the same time – there he is – there is Diegue, in front of him! Alive, smiling, embarrassed! Unable to withstand the shock, Leonidas faints. When he comes to, the man finally embraces his newfound and slightly dazed son and bursts into tears. To see this heartbreaking scene, which will not leave anyone indifferent, you can see in 175 series “Clone”.

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