In which episode did Serkan lose his memory – You Knock on My Door

In which episode did Serkan lose his memory - You Knock on My Door What episode

The series Knock On My Door is a popular one, it is a success with many viewers, but most often with teenagers. The topics that are raised here are interesting to teenagers, they are interested in following the development of the relationship between a couple and many girls also dream of meeting their lover, who will be rich, will arrange their perfect life. That’s exactly what happened to Edda, who worked in an ordinary flower store, but in a big business center met her destiny – the famous and rich Serkan.

The popularity of the series

Between the couple begins a story that is similar to the events in Santa – Barbara, there are many plot lines, there is a development of love events. One of the lines of the series is the plot that Serkan loses his memory, besides, memory loss is a frequent plot for different soap operas, it allows to keep the viewer in suspense. This is a special move, which helps the creators of the series to be sure that the audience will definitely finish it to the end. This technique was used in the Turkish film, where the main character lost his memory after a plane crash.

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The fact is that the Bolat family has already faced tragedies, for example, their eldest son died in a car crash, the same goes for Serkan, he became part of a plane crash and lost his memory in the process, at that, as we know, he lost his memory during the plane crash. He waited a long time for his memory to come back, the fact is that the loss of memory was associated with the fact that the man completely forgot his family, his loved ones, he could not understand what was happening. He didn’t know who these people around him were. The memory loss occurred in episode 29. He was flying on a private plane for work in Italy and crashed.

The event occurred just as the wedding day was approaching, Serkan wanted to get one work matter settled as quickly as possible and get back to the wedding reception, but it didn’t happen. He became part of a serious and grievous tragedy. Edda went to great lengths to help Serkan get his memory back, she tried to get their relationship back somehow, telling everything that had happened between them, but there was nothing she could do.

When the hero lost and regained his memory

The memory returned to the hero already by episode 35. Viewers realized that he was beginning to remember something. On the day the fictitious marriage with Denise was planned, although Edda herself was unaware that the sneaky trickster wanted to make things serious and tie the girl to him forever, the memory returned. Apparently, this event made Serkan remember what it was like between them and their relationship was taken to the next level.

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When the series is almost to its conclusion, he remembers his beloved, and after overcoming many obstacles, they unite, it is this moment was expected by thousands of viewers around the world, because the series Knock on my door, it became very relevant worldwide, and all anxiously watched how events will develop in this couple. The series is unique in that the roles performed by ordinary people, not professional actors, so the game will be more natural. In addition, the relationship became known after the release of certain episodes.

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