In Which Episode Does Madara Uchiha Appear – The Naruto

In Which Episode Does Madara Uchiha Appear - The Naruto What episode

The Naruto series is one of the most popular, it is considered the standard of anime. Here, you can find all sorts of moments concerning friendship, camaraderie, betrayal. This anime is not about love, it’s an anime about a young ninja trying to become a better person, fighting evil, trying to establish relationships with people. Many people have their favorite characters, so they are interested in what series this or that character will appear in.


Madara Uchiha, is a character from the Uchiha clan, whose sudden appearance was surprised by everyone. The fact is that it was thought that Madara was killed in the Valley of Completion, no one expected to see him again. However, it was announced that in World War 4 he would appear on the battlefield in the valley. It turns out that Madara’s story is not over. He could not return beautifully, but he did manage to transplant his relative’s cells and, with the help of a special technique, immersed himself in a world of illusions. In his lifetime he was unable to fully complete this technique, he found an heir who was able to carry out his plan.

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After Madame Obito died, he used his name to found a new organization. In fact, the one who resurrected Madara truly became Kabuto. The point is that in order to gain additional powers to win this war, he had to summon the spirits of those who had already died, including Madara. He appears on the battlefield and massacres his enemies in episode 120.

Naruto is a special universe, and only by immersing yourself in it you can understand all the events, but the thing is that each hero here has his fans, his fans and he fully understands the history of everyone who is a part of this anime. Kabuto has chosen a special role for himself, he’s supposed to resurrect Madara when all the tails are assembled. But the thing is, when the battle was taking place, he took Naruto’s side and resurrected all the inhabitants who had died.

The best thing about the character of Madara.

It’s impossible to say with certainty which character Madara is, positive or negative, he has his own story, he has his own influence on the outcome of the war and Naruto’s fate. The plot offers different solutions to this problem. Madara is the villain, he plays a crucial role in many of the plots. He is the strongest fighter, and he can destroy anything in his path. Many have waited a long time for this particular hero to appear on the battlefield, believing that he would be the one to turn the tide of the war, and make it more meaningful.

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In fact, fans have been waiting for Madara Uchiha for a long time, they tried to predict the event, but they couldn’t guess the exact date. Madara played a very important role in the war, in fact he was one of the main enemies of Naruto and other characters, his appearance played a big interest, he has different techniques, he is very powerful, he is an expert in medicine, in this war, so he uses the situation in a way that is beneficial for him. It was this fact that confused the rest of Naruto’s enemies. Overall, the important role of Madara in this anime is a great opportunity for everyone to see how evil can come back into our lives and how it should be overcome.

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