In which episode Mustafa will be executed – Magnificent Century

В какой серии казнят Мустафу - Великолепный век What episode

Sultan Suleiman will spend the end of his life in a world in which his father killed his son…

If we believe the plot of the series, without involving historical facts, Mustafa was a completely innocent, noble man, almost a fairy tale prince. However, there are versions that the real Shehzadeh did plan to go against his father. Plus there is evidence that he was extremely unpleasant in appearance, arrogant and narcissistic.

Now it is difficult to judge this because the canons of beauty, the rules of behavior of royalty and many other things have changed. Every judgment can be subjective. But in the series we see him as the glorious future of the Porte incarnate.

With Ibrahim out of the way, Hürrem proceeded to the next point in her grand plan to fight for the throne and for life. Now the victim along the way was to be the Sultan’s firstborn son, his beloved son.

She had attacked him before, but always failed. Ibrahim was alive, and Suleiman’s love for his child rendered her attempts useless.

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But after her return, everything changed. Her firstborn Mehmed was murdered on Mahidevran’s orders, and the lord changed internally. Plus the balance of power at court has also changed.

Mustafa was far from obedient according to the plot of the series. His tendency to think and reason has already led him once to disobey the lord’s order. After refusing to execute the condemned dignitary, Mustafa took the path of death. It is still very far away, the sultan has no thought, but, given the peculiarities of his nature, even then it was possible to assume how it would end.

Then there was the poisoned kaftan, which caused the Shehzadeh to perform with the army (episode 11 of the fourth season). This was the starting point for the Sultan’s suspicions and fears.

Interestingly, the sultan gave his word to his son that he would never execute him… He had already made similar promises to his named brother and associate Ibrahim. Shehzadeh’s courage, determination, and support of the army were enough to form a subconscious desire to remove him, first to Amassya, and then from life in general.

Hence the reluctance to allow him to participate in wars. He might have been talked about, he would have become a deity to soldiers and commanders. Far from home, among the armed followers of the Shehzadeh, the Sultan would not have been comfortable at all. The love and devotion of his son inhibited the development of malice in the sultan, but could not enlighten his dark side.

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Unfortunately, the Shehzadeh himself did not forget to constantly pour oil on the fire. The restoration of the shipyard, the conversation with the enemy ambassador, his marriage to Kapudan Pasha’s daughter, and his appearance at the time of his father’s assassination attempt – all this eventually added up to a puzzle that at a certain point led Suleiman to the decision to execute Mustafa.

To this can be added the blows that the Sultan endured. They ended in an almost comatose state, which allowed researchers to suggest a serious systemic illness. All this affected the psyche of the ruler, who always had a simple explanation for his ailment at the ready – poisoning.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention Mihrimah, who stole the seal and helped to slander the shehzadeh, and Hürrem, who skillfully poisoned Suleiman’s mind. In any case, his fate was sealed. He was sentenced to death by Hürrem and then by her royal consort.

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Mustafa’s execution is shown in episode 20 of the fourth season. And here you can appreciate the excellent directing. The scenes of serene family happiness preceding the Shehzadeh’s departure from Amassya emphasize the tragedy of the episode.

From the moment of the great shehzadeh’s death, the illustrious Porte turned toward the sunset. And Suleiman was left to live among the ghosts of those dear to him.

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