In which episode will Khadija die – Magnificent Century

In which episode will Khadija die - Magnificent Century What episode

Khadija had not long outlived her husband. Shocked by her beloved brother’s act, his meanness and cowardice, she was in a state of shock for a long time. Then, away from Istanbul, she recovered somewhat, but changed internally.

When she returned from Manisa to Istanbul, she was ready for revenge for Ibrahim. Now she is silent, thinking over her every move, so she manages to hit Hürrem by luring her to the Marble Mansion. But, as before, Hürrem comes out almost dry, plus she manages to return from the exile to which she was sent by the efforts of the Shah Sultan.

In fact, Khatije succumbed too much to her emotions, which caused, for example, the loss of untold riches that were hidden in the cache of her palace. By allowing herself to be alienated from her home, she opened the way for her sister, Shah sultan. Next we can see how the sanity that Hürrem called her to with her letter struggles with her hatred for her. In choosing the road of hatred, she lost money, the palace itself, and partially lost her way to her past. This made her weaker.

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In fact, she could have made her revenge much more sophisticated. Having listened to Hürrem, she would have stayed in her house without revealing her possession of the jewels from the treasury (the diamond ring and the funds to redeem the Grand Vizier’s personal effects at auction), would have remained at great expense, and after her execution would have taken a place close to the Sultan and Hürrem, hiding her grief. In this case, the blow she would have struck would have been murderous. But, as was mentioned more than once in the series, the sincere and the loving die… And the beautiful Hatice has always lacked secrecy and cold reasoning.

The director found a very interesting solution for the Sultan’s dream, before receiving the reassuring news of his wife. Once upon a time Hatice sought Ibrahim’s grave through prayer. A woman came to her in a dream and led her to the tomb and showed her Nigar. Sultan, tormented by the question of Hürrem, also saw a woman, his sister, who led him, but not to the tomb, but to his wife’s abandoned clothes. This meant that the grave was not yet there, and Suleiman thanked Allah for this mercy.

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It is quite possible that it would have been found even if Khadija had remained alive. This is the inconsistency of her action. By not daring to give the order to kill the Sultan’s wife, she foreshadowed the development of the tragic outcome.

She will die at the end of episode 102 of the third season. She will drink the poison prepared beforehand, dress in white and even have time to express to the Sultan all the sore point. However, her inability to be silent will once more fail her. By telling Süleyman that Hürrem will not have a tomb, she let him know that his wife is still alive. This coincided with the interpretation of the dream and so the search continued and Hürrem was returned to Istanbul. And the misfortunes of the royal kin continued.

Khadija did not have to see Khurrem return to the palace once again. She departed from life, having fulfilled her vow of revenge, and her soul found peace.

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We will no longer see her son Osman on the show. He and his sister will be taken in by Beyhan Sultan. And Khurijihan Sultan will still appear on the screen to be a part of the beautiful and tragic love story…

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