What episode do Serkan and Eda kiss – You Knock on My Door

What episode do Serkan and Eda kiss - You Knock on My Door What episode

The series Knock on My Door is especially popular, it is a success with different people, so many people are interested in which episode a particular moment related to the series occurred. For example, the question often arises in which episode Serkan and Eda will kiss. However, to arrive at this event, it is necessary to understand the whole essence of the series.

Features of the plot of the series

Knock on my door is a Turkish television series, which was able to win mostly the hearts of teenage girls around the world. The series is super-popular, they make tiktoks based on its motives, many are impressed by the main characters. Among adult ladies, the series is popular about sultans, harems, children like the events that take place in modern Turkey. It is essentially a romantic comedy, the events take place in Istanbul, the characters are secular people. Their acquaintance takes place and their relationship develops. The roles here are played by non-professional actors, they do not have any role stamps. In fact, the characters play themselves, the story is very simple.

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However, the series very little kissing, there are no erotic scenes, because it is a series created on the basis of Turkish morals. The plot of the series is as follows – a girl agrees for his own advantage to pretend to be the bride of a man who really annoys her, but she agrees to this game. The heroes fall in love with each other. Teenagers are familiar with this kind of emotional swing, and they are interested in watching the event unfold.

There are other storylines here, the breakup of the other characters, plots about family and friendship. The characters get into various comic ridiculous situations. All the events take place against the backdrop of modern Istanbul in the area of different office buildings. The series is a light love story, the events of which develop extremely slowly, but for adult viewers this series will seem even primitive. There are very light plot lines, there are no psychological deviations, but at the same time it is filmed like good old soap operas.

The characters do not behave logically, and you can see that their world is far from real. But the only thing the characters do is manipulate each other’s feelings, which is also characteristic of young teenagers.

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In what episode did the kiss happen

If you’re wondering in which episode the couple kissed, it’s episode 12. It is in this episode that Serkan confesses his love to Edda, for this he had to cope with his pride, and finally confess his feelings. The kiss took place against the backdrop of a beautiful turquoise sea. As you know, the performers of the main roles began to meet in real life, so fans understood that there is real chemistry between them, and despite the fact that this game is underplayed, you can see their true feelings. On the eve of the second season, the actors confirmed their relationship.

The series was seen by many as just a real life development. The series was at the peak of popularity for a long period, many followed the development of the storyline, but still many have their own impression of this series. Still, its popularity among teenagers is justified. Many were impressed by the way the events unfold, in life, everything happens a little differently. The series remains attractive for young people who live in their dreams, dreaming of the same beautiful and interesting love, dreaming of meeting their love.

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