What Episode Does Ace Die in ‘One Piece’?

What Episode Does Ace Die in 'One Piece'? What episode

Portgas D. Ace (born Gol D. Ace), aka Firefist, is the heir to the Pirate King. His mother’s name was Portgas Di Rouge. Ace’s parents are dead. Successively rose from head of the Spade Pirates to commander of the Whitebeard Pirate Division.

There are some similarities between Ace and Luffy’s brother. Despite the fact that Portgas Dee still looks more responsible. In addition, it is better developed physically, taller. One of the special signs of a pirate is his tattoo. The standard symbol of the pirate brotherhood is pierced on the back – a skull and crossbones. They are just dyed purple.

The left hand is decorated with four symbols, the letters “A”, “S”, “C”, “E”. And the second letter is crossed out. Portgas Dee was rightfully proud of his tattoos. The pirate especially appreciated the sign of belonging to the Whitebeard clan. I didn’t even hide it under my clothes.

Why did decided to “kill” the character

The character is known for his temper. He could jump into a fight without thinking. The pirate reacted especially sharply to insults against his father. The moment Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu) offended Whitebeard, Ace immediately charged at him.

The Admiral refers to the Whitebeard Pirates as cowardly running losers. And then switches to their leader.

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Ace tries to resolve everything peacefully, demanding that the offender go back on his words. Akainu continues by pointing out that the pirate’s so-called “father” lost to the boy’s real parent, Roger. And just the king of a bunch of thugs. But he never became a real ruler.

Ace attacks first. But he encounters a counterattack from the admiral. Akainu then says that magma conquers all. And he could spare anyone. Except for Roger’s descendants, Dragon. And with those words, he suddenly attacks Luffy. Ace, without hesitation, covers his brother with himself. And dies. This will happen in chapter 51 (episode 24). Together with the pirate, his tattoo, burnt by magma, disappears.

Character history

Ace grew up in Roger’s family. Gradually gained experience, took leading roles among the pirates. With Luffy, brother, almost nothing like. In addition, Ace’s character was softer. Not counting his sudden temper tantrums when the guy heard insults against his father, the leader of the clan.

What united the brothers was gluttony, complete recklessness. The elder had two distinguishing features. The first is a tendency to narcolepsy. I fell asleep anyway. Even while eating. The second is the habit of never paying. Run away from the establishment without paying for the treat.

Ace dies in Episode 483 One Piece.

Luffy stares in shock at his brother standing in front of him, who was pierced through by Akainu . Ace then falls into Luffy’s arms. All Marineford , especially the pirates who rush to help the brothers, is in shock. Marco demands to remove the handcuffs from Kairoseki from him , after which one of the pirates goes after Mr. 3 . The pirates furiously attack Akainu, and all events continue to be broadcast on the Sabaody Archipelago . After the pirates fail to stop Akainu, the Admiral, realizing that Ace is still alive, tries to strike again. Whitebeard tries to help his “son”, but loses his guard, and Kizaruhurts him. At the last second, Akainu’s kick is blocked by Jinbe , saving both brothers from certain death.

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Seeing Ace’s injury and attempts to kill his grandson, Garp goes berserk and heads towards Akainu. Noticing this, Sengoku rushes to him and presses him to the ground. Garp asks to hold him tight, because otherwise he will kill the admiral. Marco , from whom the handcuffs were removed, and Vista attack Akainu, but Ace can no longer be saved. Luffy desperately asks for Ace’s help, but the doctor who comes running after examining the pirate’s wound is unable to help. Ace himself also notices that all of his organs are burned and that he doesn’t have long to go, that this is the end of his life. After that, Luffy turns to Ivankov with a request to cure Ace with his power, but everyone understands that no one can help him anymore.

Ace remembers his childhood and wonders if he had the right to be born. He remembers all the insults that he experienced. However, no matter what, he claims that he would not have had the will to live if it weren’t for his brothers Luffy and Sabo . The only thing Ace thinks about at death’s door is that he won’t see his little brother’s dream come true. He says that as they swore, he lived a life without regrets. In the last seconds of his life, Ace thanks Luffy, his “father” and all his comrades for loving him despite his “cursed” blood. After his last words, Ace falls to the ground and dies with a smile on his face, as Luffy begins to sob, mourning the loss of his older brother.

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What Episode Does Ace Die in ‘One Piece’? Ace dies in Episode 483.

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