What episode does Asta Awakening The Demon Power – Black Clover

What episode does Asta Awakening The Demon Power – Black Clover What episode

Anime is very popular and many teenagers watch it, while knowing each character intimately. Events happen in each series, but sometimes fans have questions about which series this or that event occurred in.

Anime storyline

Popular for a long time is the anime black clover, this series is about two orphans who grew up in a church orphanage. At the same time here were trained in magic, if in childhood the young heroes are very friendly and were almost like twin brothers, it turns out that it is the quiet Yuna has a special magical perspective, he can control the element of air, that is, has special skills that can help him achieve great success. As for Asta, it is very difficult for him to master a spell.

Magic rules around the boy all the time, because many students purposefully go to their goal they were trained in magic for a long period of time. But as a result, after their studies, they became real rivals, although in the past they were considered friends.

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At its core, Black Clover is a fantasy about a young magician who couldn’t learn anything, and as a result couldn’t achieve anything much. As for which episode Asta awakened the demon, it’s episode 62, and already in episode 63 he had to fight the forces of the demon. That said, only devoted anime fans knew that it wasn’t actually demon power, but this, anti-magic.

The power of the demon gave a lot to Asti, if before he could jump far at most, the demon gave him a special super speed, the ability to fly, anti-magic cover, all sorts of skills that increased his knowledge. As for the name, Black Clover suggests that each leaf of the clover contained some kind of power and as a result the boys had to master each of these elements in order to reach certain heights.

How Asta Awakened a Demon

When Asta received the clover, he realized that he could finally turn into a demon on his own. Particularly popular among teenagers, the anime is popular and has its fans, because in fact, magic is the magic that attracts everyone. Despite the fact that even in his school years Asti was not given to magic, he goes with other novice magicians to the celebration of initiation, here they can become owners of a special grimoire, which will help them do magical things. But Asti ends up at home with nothing, only later he is able to become the owner of a special mark – it’s a five-leaf clover, a dark power that grows in it.

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Asti decides to compete with his mage friend for the position of wizard king when he realizes that he also has a special magical power. In doing so, they become real competitors, they have to face different situations, to fight against the rival, but with magical powers. At its core, Black Clover is designed for a teenage audience, the theme of friendship and rivalry is raised here. This is a current genre of anime, and great anime such as Naruto and Bleach can also be found in this genre. One piece anime are also popular. But many people note that it is the anime Black Clover that has its differences, because here the world of the anime is deeply developed and it is made according to a certain script.

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