What episode does Carl die in “The Walking Dead”

What episode does Carl die in "The Walking Dead" What episode

The parents of the series of projects and the very idea of walking corpses are director Frank Darabont and writer Robert Kirkman. Over the past two decades, there have been many films whose plot was built around humanity’s struggle with a new deadly threat. For a serious viewer this theme is not too interesting – horror movies of this type are adored by teenagers and thriller connoisseurs. In 2010, the AMC channel launched a grand project that was a success. The filmmakers were able to create a film production that will be useful even to skeptics and materialists.

The release of the debut season took place on October 31, 2010, from the first frames the viewer was riveted to the screen and passionately worried about the team of survivors. Some of the characters became favorites of millions. For a number of artists “The Walking Dead” proved to be a ticket to a big movie. For 12 years, people watched how events would unfold and what awaited those who survived the early days. It is not just a thriller with a tense plot – it is a serious philosophical material, which on a concrete example helps to study our behavior, proves that for the sake of salvation, the most honest man is ready to become a scoundrel, and a vicious bandit will be a weakling.

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Among the hundreds of characters is Carl. He is not the key character – he is the son of the protagonist, on whose adventures the script is tied. The character met the apocalypse as a child. He accepted the new reality and immediately realized that his carefree childhood was over and would never come back. His father is a policeman. Rick Grimes was able to rally a small team around him – collectively it’s easier to resist, easier to kill zombies and fight off gangs.

Carl always tried to be like his parents and even copied him. The boy was no stranger to such qualities as compassion, indulgence, love, the ability to understand. The boy was more compliant and not as defiant as his overbearing father. He willingly took care of his little sister and even replaced her dead mother. Carl found common ground with his father’s new woman and did not consider it a betrayal of his dead mother. But all his positive qualities did not dull his anger toward monsters. He actively participated in the general struggle and was not afraid to take risks, showed initiative, and was brave.

In the days when the zombies began attacking his town, Carl was only 11 years old. A family friend had moved him and his mother to a summer camp, all certain of Rick Grimes’ death. But the latter survived, the family was reunited. Sometimes the boy was visited by panic, he cried and did not want to die. In the second series, the boy was mistakenly wounded by Otis, but he was operated on at old man Hershel’s farm and brought back from the dead. The child persevered through the pain and was soon in the ranks. Several times he found himself on the brink of death and miraculously escaped the monsters.

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With each season Carl grew up, he had responsibilities, was assigned responsible tasks, and was entrusted with weapons. The young man had to shoot his mother and save the others from turning into zombies. He reverently cared for his newborn sister and kept her safe from all threats. In the fifth season, the grown-up guy will kill not only monsters, but also representatives of hostile gangs. In one of the scuffles, he loses his right eye, but soon returns to action and continues to fight for survival. In the seventh episode, Carl almost loses an arm.

In the ninth episode of the eighth season, it is revealed that our hero has been bitten by a zombie. There is no salvation, in twenty-four hours he will turn into a walker. Carl has managed to save many people and do a lot of useful things. The guy decided to kill himself on his own and not to burden his friends with it. He dedicated the last day of his heroic life to saying goodbye, apologizing for his transgressions and saying that he loved everyone. The character asked everyone to remain human and not to lose their humanity. Before he goes to heaven, he sees in his mind a marvelous picture of everyone reformed and living in a safe world.

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The 108th episode will be the last with his participation (according to the general chronology of The Walking Dead).

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