What episode does Derek Shepherd die in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

What episode does Derek Shepherd die in 'Grey's Anatomy'? What episode

When, in what episode in the film “Grey’s Anatomy” did Derek die? Why can’t this be avoided? Movie characters live their own lives. But inevitably attract the attention of the viewer. The stories about doctors seem to be typical, they can surprise no one. But the plot about the Seattle Grace Hospital does not at all resemble the Russian “Interns” or “Doctor House”. Rightfully occupies a leading place in world cinema.

Who it

Shepard is one of the assistants to Chief Physician Richard Webber. Specializes in neurosurgery. He is a highly qualified specialist. He is surrounded by friends, colleagues, the same doctors from other departments of the hospital. In parallel with the work processes, the personal life of doctors goes on.

Novels are tied up, some obsolete relationships break up. Derek plays an important role in this. He also develops a connection with Meredith Grey. By the way, her name is included in the title of the series. Emphasizes the importance of the character.

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Who played

“Grey’s Anatomy” brought together a group of actors carefully selected for filming. The role of the attending physician Derek Shepherd was masterfully played by Patrick Dempsey. Known as a racing driver, athlete, and also as a dramatic actor. Consistently went from minor characters to major, significant ones. His filmography is impressive. Of course, the role of the medic in Grey’s Anatomy is a true gem in this collection.

Why did you decide to “kill” the character

In this case, Derek “died” of his own accord. Perhaps Dempsey was bored with the endless repetition of medical operations, intrigues, specific relationships in the clinic. After spending more than 10 seasons in the series, the actor leaves the main cast. In episode 241 (21 in season 11), with the telling title “How to Save a Life” (“How to Save a Life”), Shepard dies.

Character history

Derek Shepherd played a key role in the intricacies of the Grey’s Anatomy plot. First of all, he is a certified neurosurgeon. Works at Seattle Grace Hospital (SGH). His ex-wife, Addison Montgomery, appears in the picture. Shepard begins an affair with Meredith Grey. Their relationship is quite complicated.

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Character prototype

Derek has no obvious prototypes. The creator of the series, Shonda Rhimes, did not mention the sources of her own inspiration. It is difficult to call her work “plagiarism” for similar franchises. The leitmotif of the film was not only professional, personal relationships of doctors, but also a shift in racial, sexual accents.

The picture was aimed at a female audience. And already in the first season, Grey’s Anatomy had incredible ratings. Success continued in subsequent episodes.

What episode does Derek Shepherd die in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

The event that broke the hearts of fans from all corners of the globe occurred in the 11th season, episode 21. One of the key characters of the series, Derek Shepherd, died in a car accident. The reason for this was the production need – the hero was taken out of the plot after the performer of the role Patrick Dempsey decided to leave the project. However, in the 17th season, Derek reappeared on the screen – Meredith briefly reunited with her beloved in a vision caused by a serious illness. In an interview, Patrick Dempsey admitted that the theme of the 17th season, dedicated to the pandemic, prompted him to “return”.

Thus, the creators of “Grey’s Anatomy” wanted to pay tribute to the doctors fighting the coronavirus, and Dempsey also could not stand aside.

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