What episode does Eddie Munson die – Stranger Things

What episode does Eddie Munson die - Stranger Things What episode

The series Very Strange Things is very popular with young people, so many people follow the development of each character carefully. Very Strange Things is very popular until today, as for Eddie, I wonder in which series Eddie Very Strange Things will die. The character, as the series becomes apparent, dies in the season 4 finale. Characters on the show die regularly, in every season we see someone die. If Barb dies in season 1, then Billie dies in season 3.

Everyone knew that the show itself was very heated, the death toll would be much higher. At the beginning of season 4 there was a skirmish, but the main characters survived, even though a lot of teenagers died. In the second part of season 4, things are much worse. Once season 4 gets past the halfway point, Dr. Brenner dies. The most interesting moments are pieced together, and they aim to exactly pump up the series.

When all the heroes go to Yznanka to fight an evil hero. A complex four-step plan to defeat the villain is constructed. At the same time, every viewer understands that there is a possibility that any of the main characters will die, because they are all in danger. Initially we are shown that Max dies, although he falls into a coma, but Eddie dies for real, no one has any questions. His fate was already sealed, because even everyone was shown that it was Eddie who would have the final fight in the Yznanka.

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Impressive was the fact that Eddie played Metallica songs on his guitar in order to distract his enemies. It was known, however, that Eddie was a new member of the gang, and would suffer the same fate as his predecessor. In fact, Eddie was playing the role of a certain decoy, so it was clear that he was in danger. At his core, Eddie remained in the role of the victim. The music for Very Strange Things is very appropriate, it’s completely tragic, but it fits the situation.

Eddie was quite a popular character, a lot of people were worried about him. The character does die, but he does it with special brilliance, because his song is even a perfect choice. It totally suited the setting of 1986, and best of all, it suited the setting so that the subject could not be attacked.

It was a great choice, and it suited his death. Together with Justin, they decide not to leave Yznanka to help their friends, to add more time to their problems. Eddie doesn’t run away, he decides to look death in the eye, and die a true hero, even though his affairs were not in order before that. The thing is, even if Eddie had stayed alive, he wouldn’t have had a normal fate. He couldn’t go back to a normal life, he was wanted for murder.

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The only thing he could do was to kill the real villain, and provide proof that he was not to blame for a whole series of deaths. Either way, Eddie had to spend the rest of his life on the run, or end up in prison. So he accepts the role of victim and spends his life as a true hero, but he also helps his friends.

Many feel that this decision was as right as possible, although they were worried about Eddie. However, according to the development of the storyline, he still did not have a prosperous fate, so fans of the series, understand that this is the only way out for Eddie. The role in the life of the gang was to stay in memory. The main thing is to help fight evil. Very Strange Things is a special series that was at the peak of popularity in its time. Many people give preference to it, considering that here is an excellent development of the plot, properly selected characters.

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Eddie Munson die in finale 4 season Stranger Things.

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