What episode does Elena turn into a vampire?

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“How does one become a vampire?” This question has long been of interest to fantasy writers, folklore scholars, teenagers who dream of joining the brotherhood of blood drinkers, and, of course, lovers of the mysterious and enigmatic. Especially since there is no unequivocal answer to this seemingly simple question.

Some people believed that the tendency to vampirism was inherited, so that innocent children inherited the bizarre “culinary predilections” of their parents, even if they tried wholeheartedly to get rid of this vice. Others say that the vampire “infects” his victim during the bite, so that henceforth he will know no rest at night and will seek only to drink hot blood. (Bram Stoker, the creator of “Dracula”, who thoroughly studied the Romanian folklore, adhered to this version). Others believe that vampires are witches and sorcerers who died without repentance, destined to roam the earth and instill awe in living people until they are shot by a silver bullet or knocked down by an aspen stake.

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And skeptics with a background in biology believe that stories of vampires are merely fabrications of ignorance, and that those called vampires are victims of an exotic porphyrin disease that manifests itself in nervous seizures or in a morbid sensitivity to light. It would take a weighty book of its own to list all the versions of the transformation of an ordinary person into a vampire that have been described in fantasy movies and literature, and to test their plausibility. One of the most popular series about the life of vampires and their relationship with humans, presenting the mysterious bloodsuckers in the most romantic light is the series “The Vampire Diaries”, the action of which begins in the United States in the 1990s in the most ordinary at first glance entourage. However, those who are familiar with the English language will immediately understand that the name of the town Mystic Falls promises the most delightful, truly bloodcurdling mystical adventures.

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This is roughly how Elena Gilbert, the prettiest and most popular girl in school, is feeling with her classmates, the sinister Tyler and the handsome Stefan, who saves her from an uninvited suitor. Elena’s heart is full of gratitude, which doesn’t go away even when she learns that her adored Stefan is a vampire who has lived for several hundred years and was turned into an immortal bloodsucker by a cruel beauty.

Elena’s love is so great that she steadfastly rejects all temptations, including the ardent passion of Damon, her own brother and the sinister dark doppelganger of the flawless Stefan. When she learns of Stefan’s untraceable disappearance, she is ready to save him at any cost, even sacrificing her own life. In addition, Elena feels that the mysterious forces want to reprisal her for penetrating too deeply into the dark secrets and finding out what mere mortals are not supposed to know. And in the finale of the second book of the “vampire” saga Elena really dies, rushing to the rescue of her lover and falling into the river with the car. But instead of drowning, Elena is resurrected for a ghostly life and becomes one of the vampires herself, opening the way for new and exciting adventures.

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Elena’s turn into a vampire in season 3, episode 22.

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