What episode does Franky join the Luffy’s crew?

What episode does Franky join the Luffy's crew? What episode

Frankie (aka Kati Flam) was born in South Blue. When he was little, his parents (who were pirates) threw him off a ship into the sea. After that, the boy becomes an apprentice to the great carpenter, Tom, who built the ship Gol D. Roger. And everything would be fine if the World Government did not find out about this, which sentenced the carpenter to death for the construction of this ship.

The death sentence was not only postponed for ten years, but eventually the execution was completely canceled. Kati at the time was into building warships, ignoring his friend Iceburg’s warnings that it was not safe. And on the day that the sentence was overturned, Frankie’s ships attacked the court ship and accidentally wounded Tom, who was trying to help the student at that time. Out of the goodness of his heart, Frankie’s teacher decided to take the blame for building warships and, as a result, was already sentenced to death. Franky, wracked with guilt, tried to stop the sea train that was taking the teachers to Enies Lobby for trial. However, his attempt turns out to be a failure and the half-dead Kati Flam completed his body with metal, turning into a cyborg. Franky was never able to forgive himself for the death of his mentor, and from that moment he vowed never to build ships again, and abandoned the dream of his life.

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Franky is one of the characters in the One Piece anime. He is engaged in piracy, and by profession a carpenter on the ship Monkey De Loofy. He is 36 years old and he is a cyborg. Frankie appears in episode 322. He was then the leader of the Franky Clan. They were engaged in the dismantling of ships. Frankie is not the real name of this pirate, but his name is Cutty Flam. During the Iceberg era, Franky chose to hide his true identity. He has been using a made up name ever since.

In the beginning, Franky appears as an enemy, but then becomes an ally of Luffy. The Franky clan persuaded their leader to make peace with Loofy and become a member of his crew. It was necessary to do this, because in this case, Franky and his clan would be able to accomplish their plans, and build a ship in their name. They decided to call it the Thousand Sunny and sail the entire Grand Line on it.

What else can you say about Frankie? He was the seventh of those pirates who became members of the crew of Monkey De Luffy’s ship. Frank is also one of two of Monkey’s associates who were previously his enemies. The future pirate was born in South Blue. He was only 4 years old when he left it. And now, 32 years after that, Franky, along with Luffy, plow the sea along the Grand Line. They will definitely find One Piece.

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In the beginning, Franky appears as a burly, muscular man. He got into good shape when he was dismantling ships. In Water 7, Franky was engaged in banditry, also worked as a bounty hunter. This is probably his calling, since, in addition to strength, the pirate is over two meters tall.

Then there was a timeskip that lasted 2 years. When they expired, Franky took up the modification of his body. He mutilated himself and decided to fix everything. He replaced some body parts with artificial ones. Now he has become an improved Franky. In particular, he is able to control the length of his hair and change his hairstyle.

What episode does Franky join the Luffy’s crew? Franky joins Luffy’s crew in episode 322.

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