What episode does Glenn die – The Walking Dead

What episode does Glenn die - The Walking Dead What episode

“The Walking Dead is a film with a telling title. But it is not just a horror film for young people: the film does not aim to evoke a lot of emotions and make the viewer nervous. This is a serious work, designed for a wide audience. The series touches on many problems and aspects, it asks questions and makes you think on a global scale. Because of the invasion of deadly zombies, all people are back in the Stone Age. Now it’s every man for himself, the stronger and more resourceful will survive. But the best way to withstand the threat is to assemble a team of like-minded, intelligent fighters. These are exactly the qualities of one of the key characters. Glen is young, smart and capable of adequate actions. These features were immediately noticed by Maggie, and the American beauty was not afraid of seducing a handsome Asian.

Glenn Rhee spent his childhood in Michigan, and his parents are migrants from Korea. He began his adult life in Atlanta, working as a pizza deliveryman. It was his good knowledge of the streets of that city that helped him survive the early days after the dead men invaded. The guy had sisters, but their fate after the beginning of the action was unknown. Glenn appears already in the debut season – he is in Shane’s faction and even saves Grimes, the main character, from death. Already from the first moments it becomes clear that the young Asian has a talent for finding supplies, he will be useful in any team. It was Ree and Rick who came up with a way to disguise themselves in a crowd of zombies: they covered themselves with the remains of dead monsters and covered their bodies with their guts.

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Glenn never hid behind the backs of his comrades – he constantly took the initiative to save his friends from death. He met Maggie on Hershel’s farm: a spark of mutuality flashed between the young people. Until the very last days of his life Glenn was devoted to this beauty, and she would believe in his cleverness, leadership qualities. Sometimes he was afraid of taking a risk and dying, for his death would upset his beloved. Although he had some negative moments in his relationship with Maggie, he found strength and put up with the one who gave birth to his child.

In certain episodes, Asian Rhee takes responsibility for the team and serves as a leader. He has the ability to bear the hardships and sufferings of being captured by the Governor with dignity. There is no doubt about his fighting qualities – he fights well, shoots well, knows dozens of ways to disarm the walker. The character has been in a lot of trouble, saving friends and ordinary people. His opinion is listened to by the overbearing Rick, he has a great relationship with all the characters, especially Tara Chambler. For many viewers he has become an idol and a favorite.

The series creators take Glenn out of the plot in the seventh season (there are eleven in all). The series with the episode of the guy’s death is called “The Day You’re Gone. The key characters in the film find themselves captive to the insidious Nygan. He is ready to kill several heroes and break the will of those who will not die. He needs submissive warriors with excellent fighting skills. The leader of the Saviors solves the problem with a simple child’s reckoning. In this episode, Abraham is unlucky – he gets killed first. The big guy takes a gruesome death: Nigan kills him with a bat, turning his head into a bloody mess. The next victim is Glenn: he dies in front of his lover – the murder is committed with the same bat. Episode 84 becomes the last one for Glenn (in terms of the total timing of the series). He was played by Korean actor Steven Yeung: it was his third major work, which helped his further career well.

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Glenn dies in episode 1 season 7 – The Walking Dead.

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