What episode does Gus Fring die – Breaking Bad

What episode does Gus Fring die - Breaking Bad What episode

The series Breaking Bad is recognized as one of the best by many ratings in different countries. This series tells an interesting story of a teacher, who fell ill with cancer, decided to make money by creating a new drug. This is a great series, it went down in television history. At the same time, many people appreciated not only the plot itself, but also the work of the director, scriptwriting, acting. Walter is the standard villain, as many famous directors have said.

Main plot lines

The series Breaking Bad is known for having a lot of powerful scenes that many people have in their minds, different phrases, different scenes. There are many scenes that have stayed in the memory of many people. If we consider Gustavo Fring is the scariest character in the series, even though we are shown him as a decent businessman, in fact we know that he is a man who practically controls the entire drug business in his city and region.

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Gus can shake hands with workers and associates, smile warmly, but he has no trouble sending killers to an unwanted family. On the surface this is a very polite and intelligent man, a businessman, a public figure, but he has built a perfect drug empire. Many people were impressed by the character of Gustavo Fring, because we do not know who is behind the faces of those intelligent people we see every day.

When Walt and Jesse go into business with Gus, it’s immediately clear that they’re in for something very scary, but it’s not until later that they realize they’ve taken it to the next level. There are many scary scenes with Gus during the series, such as when he killed his subordinate with a clerical knife when he massacred a Mexican punisher. The image turned out to be dangerous and frightening, so he attracted viewers no less than the main character.

Gus death mysteries

The death of the goose itself looks in some ways unrealistic, fatal. Everyone understood that he was a scary man, but no one understood how he could be killed. According to the film’s plot, he fell for an elementary trap – a bomb exploded in front of his face. At this, Gustavo walks out into the hallway, fixing his tie. But when he turns around, you can see that he is missing half of his face. This scene stays in many people’s minds for a long time, and whole versions of his death were created, discussing Gustavo’s death from different angles.

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In its essence, the scene turned out to be very spectacular, many believe that in fact it is completely unrealistic. When the story was created, many noted the very elaborate makeup and computer graphics were added. Medics commented on the death of the hero, concluded that he died from an explosion. Doctors confirmed that in real life a person can retain motor functions, even with such severe injuries, when the body has not yet realized the pain. Still, there are many creative elements in the scene, much is exaggerated, such as leaving the room, fixing his tie. The character couldn’t, but it emphasized his cold-bloodedness and made the moment all the more creepy and memorable. It’s a vivid scene that was shown in episode 13 of season 4.

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