What episode does Halstead get shot Chicago P.D.

What episode does Halstead get shot Chicago P.D. What episode

An Investigative Division detective who was partnered with Detective Lindsey. After her, she works in tandem with Hayley Upton. Former Army Ranger. Senior doctor to Brother Will Halstead of the Chicago Med.

He is confident in his abilities and has a daring demeanor. He also manifests from post-traumatic stress disorder, gradually manifesting during season 5, then seeks therapy for it. Jay remained in a relationship with her partner Erin Lindsey from the second season until she transferred to the FBI in New York at the end of season 4. I wanted to propose to her, but I didn’t. Later, he happens to meet his new partner, Hailey Upton.

Jay got into the Investigation Department to protect Antonio Dawson. Like a senior colleague, Jay follows the rules and respects the law. He is very sympathetic to the victims and always prevents them from helping.

On 6 season Chicago P.D. Halstead Takes A Bullet. in episode 2 of season 6 Halstead got shot.

The search for the woman who escaped from the fire – she cut out the chip, and ran away from the hospital. The police manage to find the girl already in her dying state. The girl died in the hospital, but before her death she managed to tell important details of the start of the fire. The fifth person to die in the fire is Edgar Thorez, head of the Sinalola cartel. The drug police asks to investigate quietly, in return, Void asks for all the information on Torez. Suspicion fell on the son of Edgar’s driver in Chicago Carlos Mendoza – Daniel is also a member of the cartel.

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Void and Halstead have an idea to put pressure on Juan, Carlos’ second son, to force Carlos to turn Daniel in. Carlos succumbs to manipulation and betrays Daniel in order to save Juan. Daniel tried to escape during the arrest, but Halstead shot him, although he was also wounded.

on 7 season 10 episode Mercy Halstead was shot. Jay Halstead was stabbed by Angela the widow of Marcus, who was wrongly blamed for the deaths of the two boys. As Halstead fights for his life, the department investigates a murder with a rifle. The weapon is illegal and very dangerous. Voight and the department should get him off the street. In order to find a rifle dealer, Voight turns to informant Darius for help. Kevin Atwater’s brother returns to town. And he has no intention of leaving. As Kevin investigates the case, he learns the true intentions of his brother Jordan’s visit. And things seem bad, because Jordan becomes a suspect in the murder. Haley picks up Jay from the hospital. And Voight deals with Angela, who is determined to tell the whole truth about the false accusation and the death of her husband.

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