What episode does Itachi die?

What episode does Itachi die? What episode

The Naruto series is recognized as one of the best, it is an anime that is known throughout the world, there is almost no fan of the genre who does not know who Naruto is and what the meaning of this anime. Many people care about different questions about this anime, many people are fond of different episodes of Naruto and know exactly all the moments associated with this or that character.

Naruto anime storylines

In fact – this is a special anime with many characters, storylines, there are different moments that are truly interesting, unique, but many people are concerned about in which series Itachi Uchiha dies. She dies in 138 episodes, all fans of the series know this, because this character is the most interesting. Fans of the series keep track of all events, the development of the plot is always very reverent. The writers thought that Itachi should have a particularly important role in the anime, because this character has charisma, he has enough power.

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He has a very bad reputation in his family, as he killed the whole family, not even his parents, but only his younger brother, so this character raises a lot of questions. Itachi betrayed the heroes of the clan by killing everyone and was declared a criminal. His brother promised that he would find and punish the murderer, and the relatives are forced to come together in a duel, but no one knows what the possible outcome of the fight is. Everyone thought Itachi was the one who was older, had enough experience, but he had a secret spirit that no one knew about. However, it is difficult to draw conclusions in such moments, because the outcome of the fight can be different, critically different in different situations. Only true fans could figure out who the winner was.

How and when Itachi died

It is believed that the main disease that he had was this tuberculosis, because during the fight he began to cough up blood. He got weak before his eyes, he falls just dead after his battle. Itachi belonged to a family where he was predicted to be a ninja, he had very good talents by nature, but at the age of four he had to go through a war, which changed the guy’s outlook. At the age of seven, he managed to graduate from the academy and became an excellent ninja and began to improve his skills. He respected his entire family, but was envied by his younger brother Sasuke, who dreamed of defeating him with his martial arts. However, Itachi later became friends with Sasuke, his brother. But the relationship grew sharper after the older brother was implicated in the destruction of his clan.

Many didn’t know why he actually did that, as a result he had to tell his brother why that happened, what led him to those actions. In fact, there was a special mystery lurking in the history of this character. In fact, Itachi did not die in battle with his brother, but from a severe illness that had long been debilitating his body. Sooner or later such an incident would have happened to him, but it turned out that the battle triggered his bad condition and he died of inflammation and destruction of the lungs inside him. This character of the spirit has remained in the memory of all people, he is striking for his changes, and his fight for kindness, although many people do not understand the situations that occurred with his clan, where the disease and other points.

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Itachi Uchiha died in the 138th episode of the Naruto anime.

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