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Game of Thrones is a unique series that shows us a specific world with a mass of characters. In the series, it is very difficult to trace the kinships as well as the lines of the main plot. However, many who are fans of the series know in detail when what happened, when who died. Many are interested in what episode Joffrey dies in.

Characteristics and storyline of the hero

Game of Thrones has many storylines of royal houses. Joffrey Baratheon is the bastard of Queen Cersei and her twin brother Lanister. He has left many with the belief that he is nasty and evil, therefore the character has done evil, known for sadism, bullying. He practically caused the War of the Five Kings, also his hand was involved in the bloody Red Wedding. As for his death, this moment is described in detail in episode 2 of season 4.

It is in this episode that we are shown the young king’s wedding. His bride becomes Margaery Tyrell, although before that he wished to marry Sansa Stark, but since Sansa turned out to be a disgraced bride, it was Margaery who was to represent the union of the crown. The wedding feast is very pompous, but in doing so, the newly minted King Joffrey tries to humiliate members of his family, including Uncle Tyrion.

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He has dwarves dancing as an introduction, and then he offers his uncle to act as cupbearer, as his uncle is also known to be a dwarf. The celebration comes to an end, the newlyweds traditionally cut a wedding pigeon pie. Joffrey, however, only manages to eat one piece. After he drinks wine over the pie, everyone starts coughing and he begins to have a choking attack. Initially Cersei thinks her son is choking, she tries to help him. However, his face instantly turns blue, it becomes clear to everyone that it is severe poisoning, and in large quantities, and it will be almost impossible to save him. Before he dies, Joffrey points his finger at his uncle. Since he was pouring the wine, it is believed that it was his uncle who poisoned his nephew. He was poisoned at his own wedding reception, and it was he who was initially suspected of death.

Details of Joffrey’s death

Despite the fact that this character was not in the series for too long, he left a lasting impression on many people, because his behavior caused a lot of questions. This character was as spectacular and memorable as possible, Joffrey is the personification of evil, sadism. Many remembered him in this role. His death was also very vivid, it remains a mystery who really poisoned Joffrey Bagration.

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There were several suspects, different versions were offered. In any case, it is the most violent aggressive king, he was killed, and it was a pleasure for many fans of the series. The death had as a result a great impact on the course of the plot, was unexpected, as were all the other deaths in the series. As you know, Game of Thrones is originally characterized by the fact that the most important characters are killed at the most unexpected moment, so it is almost impossible to expect who will die next, unless you are a fan of the book.

Joffrey dies at his own wedding in  Season 4 Episode 2.


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