What episode does Jon Snow die? Game of Thrones

What episode does Jon Snow die? What episode

The series Game of Thrones has caused a lot of emotions in all viewers, many have it forever in their memory, and many have their own favorite characters. Most people have always considered Jon Snow to be the main hero, and the main man who fought evil. In essence, Jon Snow is a fictional character who was invented by fantasy writer George Martin. However, he is in any case the central character of the novel, so when he dies, many people have a lot of questions.

The main characteristics of Jon Snow

The protagonist of the series is Jon Snow, a bastard who is the illegitimate son of Ed Stark. After coming of age, he leaves the castle and decides to serve in the Night’s Watch. This is a fraternity that guards the wall of state. This service is lifelong, you can’t leave it, and it comes with various dangers. For example, there are savages beyond the wall, the wildlings, who are believed to be people with nothing to lose. However, Jon Snow managed to survive the march beyond the wall, he managed to bury the hatchet with Westeros. He has done much for his state, recognized again.

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Many consider Snow a true hero, even a contender to be the new lord who will command the army. However, his rivals decide that Jon Snow is just in their way. When Jon Snow does win, however, his comrades-in-arms celebrate the victory, but was his main rival. He does not share the general rejoicing, in addition, he offers the wildlings to get used to them, which also displeases many residents of the night watch. In addition, the hero evokes mixed feelings among many, his heroism is not to everyone’s liking. However, he is very calm, going after his goal, building his relationships.

What is the death of a hero

At the same time, Jon Snow receives reports that his home in the north has been taken by the Boltans. Jon decides in council that an army will go with him to Winterfell to reclaim the northern lands. After the meeting, he is asked to step outside into the castle courtyard. There he sees a group of men who were against Jon Snow and called him a traitor, they kill him with a few stab wounds. This happens in episode 10 of season 5.

Many viewers went into shock because they believe that Jon Snow is the main character, so his death raises a lot of questions. In fact, the hero does not die because the priestess of fire Melisandre is passing through the castle, and it is she who manages to bring Jon Snow back to life. This is a kind of reference to the magic that was inherent in the Middle Ages in general.

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It didn’t come back to life on the first try, but Snow did come back to life. Jon then decides that his debt to the Night’s Watch is completely repaid, and he sets out for Winterfell to fight the Boltans. Along with his army, he skillfully defeats, and returns Winterfell and the North to the Starks. It is Jon Snow who is proclaimed King of the North and begins his new life, a whole new turn in his personal relationships and struggle for the throne. He makes a dubious alliance with Daenerys Targaryen, and participates in various wars related to the plot of the game.

Jon Snow dies in episode 10 of season 5 of Game of Thrones.

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