What episode does Luffy become the King of Pirates?

What episode does Luffy become the King of Pirates? What episode

The anime One Piece is a popular and relevant series, many people follow the development of events, in addition, this anime is recognized as one of the longest, there are more than 1000 series, many events and various interesting lines. In general, this anime is about a group of pirates fighting for power. However, the main character is Luffy and his friends, who want to take over the power, but they didn’t come to pirates in order to rob and engage in a debauched lifestyle. Their goal was to travel, discover new worlds, and most importantly, to find a treasure called one piece.

The essence of the series One Piece.

The main goal is exactly what Luffy wanted to become the king of pirates, and it happened, but in the very last episodes. The anime was filmed for a very long period, the series came out gradually, but eventually came to a conclusion. One Piece is a special pirate story about the protagonist Luffy trying to become king. The pirates have different destinies, motives. The anime begins with a great pirate king being executed. But at the same time, he informs that there is hidden treasure of one piece and many people now dream of getting it.

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The main character is a hyperactive teenager, his goal is to find the treasure of one piece and become the new king. This anime is completely funny because Luffy makes every viewer smile, he acts comically but is strong in many ways. He sees no obstacles in front of him and is willing to do anything for his team and for his goals. He has a lot of friends, at the same time the world of One Piece is very huge, but you can not say that it is elaborated in details, but at the same time every island plays its role.

In general, this anime has long been relevant, many people watch it and ask different questions, many are interested in what series Luffy becomes the king. The main character of the entire anime continues to fight the alliance against evil. It is in the final finale that viewers will already see Luffy become the king of the pirates. Each episode is unique in its own way, interesting, it greatly influences the course of the plot, but as a whole it carries some useful information.

When does Luffy become the king

When does Luffy become the king of pirates – it is revealed that in episode 1015 he is proclaimed the new leader. Many have eagerly awaited this moment throughout the entire series, which has lasted at least 5 years, but as we know that once he leads the pirates, the anime will essentially come to its logical conclusion. Many were eager to see what would eventually come out of this whole saga. Many were outraged, because when the series got to 900 episodes, fans began to beat in alarm, because it was unclear when the main character would finally become king, and many believed that they would have to say goodbye to the heroes.

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This series is very popular, known all over the world, many have delved into the world of each team, and follow those wars that take place inside, the struggle and other moments. In any case, this theme is one of the most sought after and well-known all over the world. Many have long appreciated its significance and follow the developments with special attention.

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