What episode does Luffy meet Sabo – One piece

What episode does Luffy meet Sabo - One piece What episode

The anime One piece has long been known and popular, it tells about certain events that take place in the world of pirates. This anime is based on the famous manga, is considered one of the most iconic. Luffy has always been fascinated by this anime, so there are a lot of people, who like to watch it and get closely acquainted with it. For example, when Luffy met Sabo.

popularity of anime

The anime has a lot of characters, some of them are the main characters, some of them are their friends, every fan has their favorite moments in this anime. In general, the anime is considered one of the most popular along with Naruto and several other variants, which were filmed long ago, but enjoy success. The anime is known all over the world. Many believe that it is One piece that was filmed entirely in accordance with the manga, and in line with the teachings, wins in various ratings.

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The fact is that more often than not, One piece is the first place in sales of the manga itself. The theme of pirates is not a relevant issue for our regions, so in cis countries this anime is not very popular, but still has a number of its fans. Luffy meets Sabo in episode 662 of the anime.

When Luffy meets Sabo again

Luffy will meet Sabo appears in episode 662 of the anime. Sabo is kind of like Luffy’s brother, their goal is to become pirates, but free. While many people know that the life of pirates involves killing, stealing, and a life of debauchery, Ace and Luffy had better go to pirates specifically for the purpose of becoming free, and finding treasure. They were simply hungry for adventure and enrichment.

Sabo decided to travel the seas before his friends, when he was seventeen years old. However, after a celestial dragon destroyed Sabo’s boat, many declared him dead and even made a grave for him, but he still managed to survive and became part of the events surrounding the revolution.

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Luffy and Sabo meet in a particular episode when Luffy signs up for a tournament, the winner of which becomes the owner of a special mara mara fruit. They go to a resistance group, they wish to punish him for his own atrocities. Ace will join this company as soon as he can. Deflamingo also has the support of a Sea Watch admiral, which causes difficulties. Luffy personally intends to go to the palace to defeat Doflamingo, but events are unpredictable as they return fire on Big Momma’s ship and a fight ensues.

During this contest, Bartolomeo promises to win and possess the best mara fruit for Luffy, but a man appears who informs him that this fruit will not go to Luffy. At this, Luffy begins to cry, but it turns out that the man in question is Sabo, and they exchange things. It is Sabo who has to possess the fruit by pretending to be Luffy. This is that super emergence, as everyone was sure that Sabo had died at some point. In any case, this anime is very popular, is a success, is considered one of the longest and most exciting, there are many events, so many fans track every movement of their characters, wondering about different events, when they happened to whom and at what time.

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