What episode does Luffy use gear 4 – One Piece

What episode does Luffy use gear 4 - One Piece What episode

Gear 4 Luffy uses in episode 726. This technique was used by him against Donquixote Doflamingo. The Gyr 4 mechanism involves blowing a huge amount of air into his body, which first swells up in his muscles. If Lufi stops blowing air, however, he slowly begins to deflate.

Series 726 begins with the panicked citizens of Dress Rose. They are all running for their lives. Marines and pirates help others stay safe. Baby 5 is on level 2 of Palace Pleateu, and he describes the technique of reducing Doflamingo and the Birdcage to cover up his nefarious deeds, exterminating everyone on the island.

Sai intervenes and commands the gladiators of the Corrida Coliseum, who want to rescue the fallen and carry them off the Plateau. Viola, Usopp and Huck head to the Royal Plateau, Viola sees that the center of the Birdcage is spinning towards Doflamingo! This means that the entire Plateau will be torn into small pieces!

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Zoro, Kinemon, and Kanjuro walk out into the streets of the Dress Rose. At this point Zoro begins to rush toward the birdcage. Zoro shocks the two samurai with his declaration that he is going to stop the Birdcage when they ask where he is going.

Lo is badly injured, but Leo and Mansherry have his back. Cavendish shares his opinion of this battle. He thinks that fighting Doflamingo won’t bring them any results. Instead, it will cause more problems, including ripples throughout the world. This is when Lo reveals his ideas and says that his intention is to cause a ripple around the world.

On the rooftop, Loofy uses the Gear 4 and keeps moving on the ground. He claims that using the technique and training won’t go to waste, it will come in handy for destroying animals! But Doflamingo laughs at him. Lufi flies at him at breakneck speed.

Doflamingo tries to dodge and use his Haki against Lufi’s Kong Gan. But in the city he gets a crushing blow from Lufi. As for the other characters, Viola and Usopp discuss Lufi’s new uniform and observe the townspeople. The people are confused by all that is going on and by Lufi’s new equipment!

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The two Marines decide to step up and fight the wounded Doflamingo. But he stands his ground. Lufi, approaching Doflamingo, is agitated and clutches at his feet. He tries to attack Luffy, but Luffy dodges and kicks him from behind. They are on the third level of the plateau. Kiro is watching from the sidelines. Doflamingo gets knocked out after one last punch. This is where he gets confused about Luffy’s new transformation, which is Gear 4!

The villain-sama doesn’t give up and tries to attack him with ropes. However, Lufi rips them apart! The battle continues, and Doflamingo dodges Lufi’s attacks, trying to hit him.

Seeing Lufi’s new transformation, Doflamingo gets excited. He decides to use the Haki Arms technique and hits Lufi from behind. The blow is powerful, but Lufi’s body is very flexible and resilient. Doflamingo lands a back kick! He doesn’t get knocked out, however.

Lufi uses another of his deadly techniques called Python. Using it, Lufi can alternate the direction of his punches. But Doflamingo is not an easy opponent. To stop Lufi, he uses the overheat technique. However, Lufi’s power punches to the face bring Doflamingo to the ground!

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This battle turned out to be one of the most intense in One Piece. Lufi’s transformation and Doflamingo’s incredible strength are shown!

Gear 4’s transformation technique was developed while Lufi was training on Rusukain Island.

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