What episode does Neji die in Naruto

What episode does Neji die in Naruto What episode

The Naruto series has long been known, popular and considered a classic of the genre. Many fans care about the question of when this or that event happened, in which episode a certain character died. Neji died, it was relevant to the plot. Many fans of the series would agree that it would be better if Hinata died and Neji stayed alive. It was Neji who was considered a true fighter, he was gifted, so fans of the series thought that his death was rash and unnecessary.

Storylines in the series.

Neji and Hinata are secondary characters in the Naruto anime. Although he doesn’t have a very high perspective, he has his skills, which show up as early as episode 1 of the series. He has always felt that he is worthy of more and exalted by his own position. The thing is, despite his gift, he was just a slave to the head of the clan, he served him. He quickly accepted his destiny, realizing that he was quite capable of controlling various events. The boy improved his skills, he becomes almost a full-fledged anime character.

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Neji played a crucial role in the battle in World War 4, that’s where he had to show his skills, but no one knew about it. During a large-scale battle Naruto enters the battle with the enemy, he also has other young men on his side, they actively rush into battle, he tries to protect Naruto. It turns out that he also had to defend Hinata, his sister, capturing Naruto, who was impaled by a series of spikes.

When Neji dies.

Naruto and Hinata remain alive, but Neji dies, a moment that happens in episode 364. It has become significant to the series, and many fans have condemned the death of their almost beloved hero. He comes from an ancient clan, which has its own rules and its own war within it. He has a very difficult fate because he is involved in clan feuds, he has to deal with a lot of problems.

The fact is that his father and his brother were twins, and, in fact, the older brother was supposed to be the head of the clan, but his younger brother had already stopped his slave, and everyone else really didn’t like it. When the brothers had children, namely a son and a daughter, the former ratio remained the same, and the boy worked in his uncle’s house as a servant. The boys themselves could not understand why the fathers had confrontations. He has various deadly events occurring in his family, resulting in various uncertain moments.

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Neji becomes a fighter – cold-blooded, judicious, becomes one of the best characters, so many people were incomprehensible when they decided to remove him from the series, but at the same time he became a victim in favor of other people. The series has long been relevant and popular despite the fact that it has been out for quite some time. The anime has many fans, many modern teenagers try on the role of this or that character. Secondary characters often stay in the lead because they show themselves as fighters. Neji is an honest man, he is ready for self-sacrifice for the sake of his loved ones, this character is particularly popular, so many people know him as the hero of the series. Due to the fact that his death involves saving his sister, he truly stays in the memory for a long time.

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