What episode is the Red Wedding – Game of Thrones

What episode is the Red Wedding - Game of Thrones What episode

“Game of Thrones” is a very popular television series among fantasy fans. It was created by screenwriters David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. This film project is an adaptation of George R. R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.” “Game of Thrones” has eight seasons, with a total of 73 episodes in the series.

The episode “The Red Wedding” in season 3, episode 9 of “Game of Thrones” was a shocker for viewers. The Red Wedding featured a brutal massacre against the backdrop of the War of the Five Kings. The organizer of the carnage was Lord Walder Frey. He organized this “event” against Robb Stark, who was King in the North. Lord Walder Frey wanted revenge on Robb Stark for breaking the marriage pact between the Stark and Frey families and Houses.

In the first season, Robb Stark makes a deal with Lord Frey. He tells him that in exchange for his loyalty and ensuring a safe passage across the river, he will marry one of the daughters of House Frey. Lord Frey agrees. But in season two, Robb breaks his vow. He secretly marries Talisa, though his mother Catelyn warns him against it and reminds Robb of his vow to Lord Frey. Soon Talisa becomes pregnant. Lord Frey is not thrilled by this news.

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The army and the Stark family arrive at Lord Frey’s residence, and he invites them inside the castle. Then the Red Wedding takes place. Edmure Tully marries one of Lord Frey’s daughters. The ceremony proceeds with decorum and nobility. At the reception after the couple’s wedding, the melody of Rains of Castamere is played by a musical ensemble.

Suddenly the doors close. Catelyn notices that something strange and sinister is happening. But she has no more time to warn Robb. Lord Frey orders a man to enter the room. He grabs Talisa and stabs her pregnant belly several times. Her unborn child dies instantly. The servants and others in the residence reveal their sincere intentions and continue the massacre.

A mess begins to break out. But Robb has far fewer men on his side in strength and numbers. Robb is badly wounded, crawling to get to Talisa, who lies motionless on the floor, bleeding. Lord Frey orders a halt to the massacre, only to himself take cruel pleasure in watching Robb mourn Talisa and the death of his child. Moments later, Catelyn manages to take Lord Walder’s eighth child hostage.

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Catelyn puts a knife to Lord Frey’s wife’s throat and begs to let Robb and them all go free. She swears they will not resist. But Lord Frey does not believe her words and does not agree to the deal. She even threatens to cut his wife’s throat, but Lord Frey doesn’t seem to care too much.

Robb manages to get to his feet and is distracted by the sight of his mother. At this critical moment, Roose Bolton steps forward and stabs Robb Stark in the heart. He dies, his body falling limply to the ground. Catelyn draws a knife over the lord’s wife and kills her. But it has no effect on Lord Frey. Katelyn sobs on the floor over her son’s dead body. Someone comes up behind her and slits her throat. The carnage continues, many of the Stark men are killed.

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